Zombie Survival Plan!

December 27th, 2010 by KellyJoe

Here’s some things to consider in the case of a Zombie apocalypse. All questions must and will be answered thoroughly with reasons for the things I have chosen to make it more interesting!

The Zombies Are Coming! What do you grab for weapons?

We have one gun in the house, so I would go for that first. Problem is I wouldn’t actually use it in the city because the sound would draw them, so my two samurai swords would be my next choice and after that, the sledge hammer which would probably weigh too much for me to be able to use effectively.

Well, you have them fended off for a bit and it seems the military is drawing all of their attention at the moment, so you need a plan! What food items do you hoard?

The ramen and the cup of soup are my first choices. They’re light, easy to carry, and can be stored for a long time! Then I would grab a few cans of pork and beans, just to have more non perishable items. Finally I would go for the bread and cheese, and a couple things of frozen meat which I would store in one of my coolers. The meat should be able to keep things cool for at least a day.

GASP! If you have pets, what do you do with them?!

Ozzy, Lacy, Boozer, Sugar, puppies, and Kado. Ozzy is a good distraction dog. He’s fast and noisy so the zombies wouldn’t be able to get him and he could hold their attention if we needed them distracted. He’d also be a good hunter dog and be able to find us food easy so we’d keep him around. Lacy’s slow but she’s very food driven. She’d be another good food finder so she would go with us. Boozer lacks the qualities of Ozzy and Lacy but it’s going to get really depressing watching everyone die so he would be a comfort dog when things get really depressing. Sugar puts off a lot of body heat so I’d use her to keep warm at night since there will be no heat and its currently winter. The puppies would all go because they’re so young that they can be trained to hunt and forage. They’d definitely be an asset in the future. Kado, I would release into the wild. :( He’s a lizard so he’d be better off that way.

Well then. Now the interesting question do you stay or do you go?

Go! The city will have the most zombies so I would head for the country! Probably just below Oak City where the land is flatter so we have more visual on our surroundings but we also have all the water from the spring on the mountain. There are fewer people there and everyone from there is armed so it’s most likely there will be hardly any zombies and plenty of fire power. Not to mention cows from the farms, deer, rabbits, squirrels and fertile land to plant crops on! Just no damn corn fields.

I see, so you’re leaving? With that destination in mind, you have five minutes to get whatever else you need and get out of your house! What do you grab?

Our new tent, kitchen knives, matches, a skillet, and a pot to make hunting and cooking easier. Blankets, a extra shirt, and a few extra pairs of undies. I’m sure I’ll need those the most! A shovel, all the bars of soap I have-like 3-and my tooth brush. I may be fighting for my life every day so it will be important to maintain proper oral care. Finally dog treats. They’re lighter than their food and probably tastier too so we could also eat them if we get really desperate.

You get to you’re destination, whats your setup like?

We put the tent in a good flat part of land just outside of the town and string anything that would make noise up, but low to the ground so the wind wouldn’t make them cause noise and draw attention to us, around it-bottles, cans, pieces of glass, etc-so that we can hear if anything tries to come near. We procure bikes from the town so we can travel from camp up the canyon quickly and quietly to get to the spring up there and also if we need to get food from the stores in delta. We dig our fire hole deep and make a stone wall around it, keeping the flames low enough that the light from it can’t be seen. We let the dogs run free so if their instincts take over they act like a pack and bring us animals they catch. Finally we dig a hole and put the cooler in it so we can keep some of the foods temperature down at least a little so it doesn’t spoil as fast.

And that’s my plan for a Zombie apocalypse. :D If you enjoyed this feel free to make your own, and if you really enjoyed it feel free to link back to this one since its the original and all! I wanted to do something creative to kind of get my mind going today and listening to a radio from hell rerun where they were talking about a zombie survival class Kerry was attending and a homework assignment he had to complete for it giving him only one minute to find what they need at they’re location so I started thinking about what I would grab which eventually evolved into what i would have to do with all my animals, which eventually turned into where I would go. Then I thought that it was kind of fun thinking up all these different possibilities and playing out the scenarios in my head and I was like “Hey, why not share this with the whole 3 (?) people who read my blog?”
They might get a kick out of it! Or not. But whatever.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this special zombie addition of the snail diary. I’m going to TRY to write something creative weekly but that priority is underneath all of my other priorities right now so it would be really fortunate if it were to actually happen and I were to actually use this blog more than once a month.

Encouraging comments are appreciated so I don’t feel like I ramble for no reason. :)



December 23rd, 2010 by KellyJoe

So.. Every time I feel like I can like this species called the human race I’m shown another horrible thing on the internet. I rescue dogs because I don’t want to see the things I’ve seen anymore and I don’t want to hear people say the things that they do. There is no such thing as a bad dog. They are what we made them to be and its our responsibility to fix what we’ve created, not by euthanasia and the destruction of an entire breed brought on by mass hysteria, but by taking the time to care for them and train them. All they want in life is some affection, and can we really say any different? The world cries if a species of butterfly in the rain forest dies, but we mass slaughter dogs often for no good reason. Yes, I agree that some dogs have done some really bad things but I do not believe that this is something born in them. This is something that we have created and we need to take the responsibility for it. What good is being a dominant species if all we’re going to do is continue to imagine monsters under the bed and then proceed to destroy what we had dreamnt up in the first place?
I was shown this video-against my better judgment-and I wanted to post it to my facebook then decided that my blog would probably be a better idea. This is for those of you who ask why I do this. This is why I get so defensive of a species. It’s like we’re the adults and they’re just children, and we turn a blind eye to their abuse. If you don’t feel like being traumatized for life, don’t watch this.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” — Mahatma Gandhi