I went on a walk today..

February 25th, 2011 by KellyJoe

and took lots of pictures!! I think I really need to do a photo editing class or at least a photography one so I know what I’m doing. Anyway, Sugar and I had ourselves an adventure in the snow so I thought I would share some of that!

She sure is a pretty baby and we had a lot of fun. I was really surprised that she did so well around ducks. She was really interested but she didn’t bark or try to go after them. This dog is pretty win in my opinion!
So anyway, besides that when I logged in today I saw that I had twenty three messages in my spam box-most of them on my zombie survival plan post-telling me how informative my post was, and how I would be interested in this and this, and how they’ve been trying to find this information for a long time and are glad they found my post.. And it makes me laugh so I wrote the spambots this poem-


Oh, spam bots
I see you there
Trying to sell me stuff
Do you not know
That I notice your scheme?
Are you daft?
Do you really like
zombies as much as you say?
Or are you
a complete nit?
I asked a eight ball
and it told me
that the signs point
to yes, you are.
Sad day for you.
At least this time
you aren’t trying to
put up ads
for penis enlargement
Thank you for that.

So that’s probably not really a poem.. and I maybe just came up with that off the top of my head but.. It might be a masterpiece. Just saying. :) Anyway, I have nothing more to report from the dark cavern of my basement fort so I guess I will try to suck less and write more.
If your puny human brains can handle it. ;)
Oh, and by the by, in case a couple of those weren’t spam and the people who have been asking if I did this design myself and what plug in I’m using.. My husband made this for me. I am computer illiterate so your question goes over my head. I have no idea what I’m doing on here most of the time. So sorry.

I beleive I owe you this..

February 15th, 2011 by KellyJoe

From Tia because she is rad.

Yes. Now go listen to Modest Mouse and reflect on how this time I wasn’t lying.

Cause my Friend is Awesome

February 9th, 2011 by KellyJoe

And she totally made some fan art! But for some reason it’s not letting me put pictures up AND IT IS SO FRUSTRATING THAT I AM FOAMING AT THE MOUTH!!!!

No joke. I’m so mad about it I could punch a clown. But, I digress. I feel like I haven’t been on here in a really long time (See previous post about how I am a chronic liar) and I decided that I should get on and let everyone know what I’m doing now-a-days. Well, I’ve rediscovered my love for drawing-poorly-so I’ve been at that for a while now and I’ve got a new hobby of making paper stars like mad. I did 100 for a friend and 1000 for myself which as it turns out looks really rad in a shadow box. I would post a picture up but as I said, the picture link button is broken. When I get that fixed I will do a whole blog post of nothing but pictures since I’ve also started dabbling in photography which is also rad. Oh and for all those who read my posts before I went mad and deleted all of them, do you remember how I was redoing my kitchen? You know, like two years ago? Yeah, I finally got it painted and it looks AWESOME! You’re so jealous of yellow kitchen and you know it. It would melt your faces off with sunshine. It’s great.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS AWESOME?!?!?! My ultimate favorite series of books by Stephen King is being turned into a movie/tv series/another movie and I AM stoked!!! No kidding, the dark tower is probably one of the best things to ever happen to my life literature wise. I think you all should go buy some copies of the books and read them, read them now! I pretty much have just spent all of my time being stoked about this tidbit of information and oh yeah, its all of my time because I have nothing better to do.

Aaaaaaand that’s it, pretty much. I really do not do anything interesting at all. Wow, I didn’t realize how incredibly boring my life is until I started typing this up.

OH I totally got the best new blender ever and it can blend anything, and i do mean ANYTHING. Like phones and stuff. Yeah, look up will it blend on youtube cause thats what I have. So, any family/friends reading this its time for a smoothie party like right now! It will taste like electronic magic. And I’ll even give you puppy. :)

Well, that all from me for now. I’ll get Ty to fix the upload button if he can and I’ll do that picture blog post I promised so just be patient! You know I love you guys like a raging inferno. Peace!