Today’s accident..

March 26th, 2011 by KellyJoe

So as promised, I will tell everyone the exact details of what happened today. It still seems so unreal to me. You never expect these kinds of things to happen to you.

We were standing in the kitchen, talking and drinking our breakfast, when we heard the Ozzy and Lacy freaking out in the living room. I thought that they were breaking out in a rare fight and we rushed to the living room to find Lacy at his throat. The memory is a little hazy now, but I think Ty may have grabbed her and tried to pull her off. Thats when we discovered that her lower jaw was stuck in the small loop of his no slip color. It was hooked behind her lower canines and would not budge. I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors all the while Ozzy was strangling. I ran back in and tried to find any place I could slip the scissors through. There was none. Finally I gave the scissors to Ty. He couldn’t seem to find a place either.

It felt hopeless and I thought for sure that I was about to watch my dog die, strangled by his own collar.

Then Lacy tilted her head down and I saw the collar budge. I took my chance and pressed down on her jaw as hard as I could. It came free. Ty took the collar off of him and held him for a while. He didn’t seem to be hurt except for a small cut on one of his legs and I checked Lacy who had two small puncture wounds on her face. My legs were shaking so bad it was hard to stand and the moment felt so surreal to me. Even thinking about it, it doesn’t seem like it really happened but my chest tightens up and I feel like I’m being crushed.

The whole experience probably lasted around three minutes but it felt so much longer.

After a few moments, Ozzy went over to Lacy and started to clean the wounds on her face. The most amazing thing about these dogs is that even though he knew she was involved in his near death, he knew it wasn’t her fault.

I’m just glad to say now that everything is okay.

On a lighter note, Sugar finally got adopted by a very adorable couple. The man is really active and bikes and hikes a lot and she will only have to be alone about two hours in a day so they work out great for her. I’m really happy that she found such great people to take care of her! :)

Well, thats all that I have to report today. I don’t plan on having anymore near accidents-said collar is now only to be worn on walks, and will probably be the same for everyone else’s collars as well-and I hope that I will have these dogs for a very long time. Even if they can be butts. :)

Adventures with a Boozehound

March 23rd, 2011 by KellyJoe

I went out on a walk today with Boozer and holy crap, it was pretty out! Anyway, since i don’t feel the need to actually talk here are some pictures-

FUN FACT: I was upside down when I took this picture :)

Boozer got a few questions in his cute little jacket so maybe he’ll get lucky soon. His one year mark with us is coming up :).

If anyone is interested in Boozer you can find him on

Happy walking everyone.