Easter yo.

April 26th, 2011 by KellyJoe

(Holy crap, HOLY CRAP. I have no idea what was happening with my spelling when I did those. Just holy crap. When I read through it I laughed so hard I almost peed a little. Soooooo bad. So bad. Don’t be surprised if I am taken by the grammar nazi’s.)

I lack anything creative to say so here are a bunch of poorly taken pictures to tickle your retinas.

Lacy, Ozzy, and Velda all had a egg with their name on it cause we rock like that. :)


April 12th, 2011 by KellyJoe

Hello, hello, hello. I decided that I should probably get cracking on this before my horrible memory ate away the details of my alleged kidnapping.

So, it all began on a cold, rainy Thursday night. I was standing in my kitchen minding my own business when a car pulled up in front of my house. I was curious-and oh so foolish-so I went outside, of course, carrying my handy dandy bag full of spare clothes and beauty products. The two devious women who stepped out of the car saw their chance to seize somebody emotionally vulnerable and stuffed me unceremoniously into the back seat. I admit, I was frightened but not as much as when we got to the hotel we were staying at and I stood in the lobby among people dressed in fine outfits and felt horribly, horribly under-dressed.

Once checked in, I was dragged into a hotel room where I was forced to go to sleep under the pretense that we would be rising early the next day for some “show”. I laid on my extremely comfortable bed with feather pillows staring at the bright lights of the television screen wondering to myself what in the world they wanted with me.

Soon, I fell asleep and even sooner was awoken at the bright, still dark hours of the early morning. At around five in the morning, we pulled up to a quaint little ghetto area near a greyhound station and stood in front of a building entitled “In the Venue”. We were joined by four others whom we formed a line with. It was cold out, and the younger of my two kidnappers forced me to cuddle with her maliciously until an extra chair could be procured, and even then she still looked at me like a piece of meat. They were getting serious, I could tell.

Throughout the entire day, we stood in that line with more and more people joining us after the hours of seven o’clock. It rained and rained, and even snowed on us as we sat in our chairs with umbrellas and sleeping bags, shivering as our toes went numb and finding our only warmth in each other and the squeaky clean interior of the greyhound stations bathrooms. I figured out that they must be trying to break me psychologically, being forced to listen to the high pitched voices of teenagers who talked about how they were using the internet to stalk people and their wives. I tried to distance myself from that sort.

Seven o’clock in the evening crept on and I could feel a tingle in the air as the crowd began to rouse themselves, excitement sweeping over them. I was patted down by a rather friendly female and ushered indoors where I ran as fast as I could and latched onto a metal barrier for dear life, feeling like I might be a sheep who ran into a slaughter house. My kidnappers stood near me. I waited patiently as the rest of the crowd milled in, spreading out and squishing themselves in around the stage that was set up.

Then, the moment of truth happened and the lights shut off. There was a roar as people walked out onto the stage and took up their weapons of choice. You could tell the leader was having fun and I only wish I could have heard him better as he sang into the microphone. They threw out a vibe that felt like these were guys who loved doing what they do and it was fun to watch them do it. especially since the singer was wiggly, kind of like a worm. He didn’t dance around the stage or do any moves, just kind of wiggled in front of the microphone that he had to kind of look up to sing into but I enjoyed it a lot. Their names were the architects, and their guitars rock.

Apparently they’re not very popular but I’m sure being on this tour will fix that.

The next band took a little longer, having had flight problems and only arriving half an hour before they were supposed to be on stage. While they were good, I was very frightened that the lead singer was going to hurt himself or others because of his tendency and apparent love for doing crazy things back and forth around the stage. He danced, he swung the microphone in the air like a helicopter, let it come back down around his throat, and just about pulled over some of the equipment-but it was still really, really fun to watch and he is a really good singer in my opinion. They were just very heavy on the stage theatrics.

Neon trees finished, and thats when things really got crazy. The pushing became more intense, people cried out, phones were dropped and destroyed, and what everyone had been waiting for finally happened.

As the people who set up the stage finally cleared off, with one final pat on a bright yellow helmet that had been set on top of the speakers bearing the words GOOD LUCK, the crowd broke out in the loudest roar yet as who we had all been really waiting for stepped up and they did not disappoint. Their set list was absolutely amazing and instead of running all over the stage with spastic dance moves or mainly staying still, they found a happy medium between the two. The only thing that could have made me happier is if we had got to meet them and even though they did not play the song that I had wanted to hear all week, they did leave one of their best songs-and my personal favorite-for last. I didn’t even mind that there was no encore I was so ecstatic over this.

And one of my new favorites from their latest album-

It was a great show-having “caught” my first guitar pick from guitarist Frank-and even afterward, when I had to fight people tooth and nail to get a jacket and poster, I was extremely happy for the adventure I had been drug into. I crawled into the car with my kidnappers willingly, pummeled and perhaps slightly bruised, and they took me to the sweet, sweet sustenance of Denny’s where we ran into a couple of the people from line. We stayed one more night in the hotel then I was drove home and kicked to the curb with my things, my kidnappers waving and telling me how much fun they had with me and what not. I dusted myself off and wondered who in the heck those people were, then went inside and made me a well deserved sandwich.

(Pictures to follow when I receive them!)