General Awesomeness

May 24th, 2011 by KellyJoe

Hello, hello audience :) I’ve been having a pretty good day today and I hope that you have as well. For those of you that read my facebook/twitter I recently found out that I am nine weeks pregnant and that my due date is on 12/23/2011. Hopefully I will not have a Christmas baby so keep your fingers crossed everyone! Anyway, I don’t really have much more to say on that besides that I have not thrown up once-eat it other moms!-and that I’m going to be in a pretty awesome study where I get three extra ultrasounds which totally rocks. So yeah, I’ll keep everything on that updated on here if anyone wants to keep up on it.

To embarrass my new foster I put a tutu on her to knock her down a few notches and took pictures. Heehee. :) Here they are.

Sophie is a pretty, pretty princess. Tee-da-la-hee. Remember to check out to see some awesome dogs that need forever homes like Sophie does.

All righty. I’ll try to keep this pretty up to speed on everything and not slack like.. me. :) Thanks for reading. Enjoy your night.