Maternity Photos

September 20th, 2011 by KellyJoe

Why hello there. I finally got these maternity photos taken and am now taking the time out of my incredibly busy schedule to deliver the goods. I hope you appreciate just what I’m doing for you.

Well those are the three good ones we got. I plan on doing more in maybe a month or so. It all depends on how I feel. Right now I feel pudgy. Soooo anyway, Tia you can stop texting me now. I did what you wanted. No more bother!


September 15th, 2011 by KellyJoe

Went on my first nature walk today since my camera got fixed and there were pretty much zero things to take pictures of. It kind of sucked, but at the same time hooray for exercise! Anyway, enjoy-

Are these blackberries? They were growing next to the park trail and part of me wanted to eat them. Every last one of them.

I couldn’t get it to focus how I wanted it. I want to try out the lens baby (super awesome lens) and see if I can master it soon.

And my all time favorite picture I took today even though its not great-

Haha she started yawning right when I snapped it pretty much. Adorable.

But on a less light note, if your dog growls at people then its probably not the best idea to have it off leash. Just saying. When I’m on my walk I don’t want your dog running up to me acting like it wants to greet me then growling. I find this really annoying. Also if you’re in a strictly leash on area don’t let your dog run off leash to begin with and harass other peoples dogs. Its not cool, guy. Sadly, both incidents were with two different people which is another couple good reason why people don’t like dog owners. Quit giving us a bad name!

Anyway, moving on. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve become pretty obsessed with crocheting since I spend a good amount of time on the couch now and I think I’ve made some pretty cool things.

The ears disappointed me since they look more like pig ears than cat ears to me. I’m going to give them to a friend who is having a girl.


So this is like my only favorite out of the group and I actually made two. Just so everyone knows, they’re supposed to be wolf hats. The little shoe next to it with a paw on it is something I’m kinda working on. I think I might have made it kind of small as illustrated in this picture

So yeah, I haven’t made the second one yet because of the pretty high probability of it being too little. I hate the sewing on part so I’m kind of putting it off. Ahh, go me and my incredible ability to procrastinate.

Oh, and my new update on Al in case anyone wants to know, he is twenty three weeks and six days along which means that I have one hundred and thirteen days to go! Wow, thats an incredibly long time. Another way to think of that is sixteen weeks. Or possibly even three months. Whoa. Sounds like a lot less time now. The main reason why I bring this up is because I’m totally watching The Office episode where Pam gives birth. Its hilarious and terrifying at the same time. Also, according to week by week his face should almost be fully formed with eyelashes, eyebrows, and everything and he can now hear very loud sounds. Super cool. Guess I need to get back to playing him music everyday then. Fail mom already!! Lol. I’m starting to get super stressed since we only have a few clothes for him and currently his room is stuffed full of things that really don’t need to be in there. Its like Ah! Slow down time! And buy me some stuff while you’re at it. Lol.

I wrote on facebook that I registered at Babies R Us and on Amazon also in case anyone missed it-though I have the suspicion that more people follow me on facebook than do here so like… four? five? people. Nice.

Haha, anyway, my hives are going down which is awesome and I’m going to switch doctors which might also be awesome.. Hopefully. I hope. Like a lot. I think it might be kind of hard since I need to find someone who will take my insurance and also deliver at the hospital next to me so I can stay in that study. I’m tempted to call the lady up from the study and see if she can help me out with that. Its kind of stressful. Ah well, thats life.

Anyway, I don’t think I have much more to report on my life and if there are any spelling errors then.. Blah, I’m too lazy to back read and correct. Go me.

Hi there.

September 11th, 2011 by KellyJoe

So.. This blog thing, I have it huh. I kind of said I’d keep it up to date, didn’t I? FOOLS! I have a whole post about how I’m a liar and not even guilt trips can get through to me (nice try though, Tia, you get an A for effort).

So, anyway, I’m bored and I saw this on my bookmarks and was like “Hm, I should just update super quick about my life and pregnancy and stuff” and here we are.

This morning I woke up at four a.m. and my eyes a burning horribly. The reason I woke up so early was because I itch. So. Bad. Like everywhere. I’ve got hives on my right arm which are apparently not going away any time soon and are just awful and hideous, so of course my belly and chest had to follow and be like “Oh, by the way, we’re having a hard time stretching or something so have fun itching like awful, oh but don’t scratch cause that will only make everything worse! Trolololol!” Its a big bag of awful. My remedy? Oatmeal baths galore which actually feel really gross-or at least they do since I’m so ornery about them not helping that much-and millions of different kinds of lotions and, of course, cutting my nails which is something I weirdly hate. I don’t ever cut my nails and it feels.. wrong. Oh so wrong.

If you can’t tell, I’m upset about this. So upset, the Office doesn’t even fix my life. (Thats really upset in case you don’t know.)

Moving past my horrible itchy body, other than that nothings going on. Crocheting is going meh. I did some cute wolf hats that I will get pictures of EVENTUALLY and put up. They’re still coming out pretty wonky so I’m not entirely happy with them but yeah.

Oh, but my camera is fixed now so that means pictures will happen and I may even start doing actual maternity pics and putting them up! Hooray! And hopefully, things for Al will start getting pulled together soon cause yeah, we are getting close and it is getting scary! He reminds me of it every time I try to lay down and nap cause the little turd thinks that time to kick me and remind me that he’s still around-though honestly he’s probably just stoked I’m not taking benadryl anymore. I’m slightly stoked about that myself except I could totally use some sleep right now.

Anyway, this is getting a lot longer than what I expected it too. I promise I will try harder to stay up to date on this but we all know what my promises mean. I’ll probably do one after this weeks appointment just to clarify on whats going on with the hives and if I get more pictures of Al to put them up. I’ll see if I can get come video of him up too. :) No promises on that one, though. I’m off to try to figure out new ways to make me itch less.