November 25th, 2011 by KellyJoe

All right, so here is my list of thirty things I’m grateful for-one for each day of this month. Enjoy.

1- Number one on my list is obviously baby Alphonse and, of course, the person who was able to give him to me. I’m grateful for my husband who has been here for me through a lot and who I couldn’t imagine going through this pregnancy without. I absolutely can’t wait for the day when we can meet our son.

2- Second is my family, extended and all, though especially my parents and siblings who came over and helped me with our roof when it was horribly broken and awful. We may not always get along but at least we’re there for each other when we need to be. I love you guys.

3- Friends who are there when we need them, specifically the ones who showed up to help with the roof.

4- Friends in general. I think I would have gone insane without Tia to talk to some days. =)

5- The dogs. Its nice to be in a bad mood, go sit on the bed, and immediately have someone there to cuddle. They’re not the best behaved dogs but they’re still awesome dogs.

6- Music, especially My Chemical Romance who has been a huge inspiration to me in my life.

7- Kind of silly, but chapstick on lotion. With my ridiculous skin, the winter months, and the difference in everything because of pregnancy I am so dried out and awful and I hate it but thankfully someone thought to invent those two items.

8- Blankets because I am cold ALL OF THE TIME.

9- Amusing youtube channels because I have nothing better to do when my ankles are swollen and it just kills soooooo much time.

10- Shigeru Miyamoto for hours upon hours of good times throughout my childhood-and continuing childhood.

11- Continuing on that last one, Nintendo for having the brilliance to employ Shigeru and make his games. And also for being awesome even though me and my Super Nintendo aren’t getting along right now.

12- The fall for being such an awesome time of the year and being so stinking pretty.

13- Dishwashers because my dishes would never be done without them ever.

14- Hot chocolate because once again I am always cold.

15- Tim Burton for being awesome and a inspiration for me since I was just wee.

16- Art and how amazing it is, especially the artists on

17-Another silly one, but garbage day because, holy crap, we need it.

18- Cell phones because its super awesome to be able to talk to people instantly.

19- Doctors who actually listen to me and have an interest in my pregnancy.

20- That we’re not hunter-gatherers anymore because I would be dead so fast in that kind of environment.

21- Recipes that I can actually make.

22- Having my own car so I don’t have to ride the bus because the bus is really, really awful.

23- Ipods so I’m not forced into conversation on the bus.

24- The small amount of the day where I actually have the ability to breathe like normal.

25- That somebody came up with the brilliant idea to milk a cow cause, honestly, when the guy who thought of it turned to the other guy and said “Hey, I bet we can drink that” the other guy must have thought he was crazy.

26- The holidays, as an excuse to get together with family, eat a lot, and try to avoid playing card games.

27- Caffeine cause as soon as I can actually have it, I am going to drink sooooo much of it.

28- The advancement of medicine so that this whole experience isn’t as scary as it could be.

29- Heaters, cause I am not good at starting a fire.

30- And, lastly, since I know a lot of these things are materialistic and somewhat trivial, the fact that I can be thankful for them and still enjoy them even if they are just tiny little things that make my day somewhat better in any way.

And thats it. I am tired now and I want to go sleep some more but I won’t. Instead I’ll do absolutely nothing productive but claim that is cause I’m awake. Hooray me.

Pic dump and Halloween and so forth.

November 2nd, 2011 by KellyJoe

Brain dead is brain dead but I will sludge this out before I continue to put it off like I have been. So here’s some pictures from my baby shower-

And now here’s some pictures from Halloween-

Small pic dump is small as it turns out and I am very, very tired but I’m going to do this. I am. If it kills me.

So lets have an update on Al =)
Friday I will officially be thirty one weeks along which means that I only have ten or possibly eleven weeks to go which is not that much time at all! Crazy! He’s almost to his birth length, able to process information, track light, and perceive signals from all five senses! My current symptoms are cramping legs at night, achey hips also mostly at night, and an almost constant feeling of fatigue. Oh joy. I also have a hard time breathing sometimes and I’m definitely getting ready to be done.

Of course though, my house doesn’t feel the same way as me. Instead of preparing itself, its slowly degenerating and putting in a new roof is super sucky hard and takes forever. Hopefully it will be fixed this week though so I can stop freaking out. And so my house won’t be so cold :/ and it will stop leaking when it rains. It would be nice to be able to enjoy a good rainstorm again without having to put a bucket in the hallway.

I can’t seem to concentrate on this anymore so I’m going to stop here. Nighty night.