The Birth of Alphonse Clyde

December 20th, 2011 by KellyJoe

Warning: Possible TMI and may be kind of graphic.

On Thursday, December 15th, I began to notice that my back was hurting more than normal. I was already concerned because the day before Al had stopped moving almost entirely and I had had to do a non-stress test that morning. Even though the test had come back normal and everything seemed fine I still had a worried feeling because it wasn’t like him to be so still. I tried to find a pattern to the back pain to try to determine if it was back labor or not but it wasn’t regular or consistent.

Later that night I was still having them and when I went to the bathroom, I lost my entire mucus plug. This was slightly more alarming but, according to everything I read, completely normal. I tried not to panic and assumed that my body was just gearing up for labor. I stayed up for a long time that night while Ty went to bed so I could try to see if the back pain would start getting into a regular pattern. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and just calling it quits when I woke up again. I went and got into bed with Ty and slept until 5:45 in the morning when my mom called to check and see if I had begun labor. The back pain seemed gone so I told her that I didn’t think so and not to worry about driving up. After I hung up I noticed that the bed felt wet. I sat up and as I did, blood gushed out of me. My water had broken apparently.

We hurriedly got dressed and rushed to the hospital and on the four minute drive to it I managed to fill up a large over night pad completely with blood. It was, to say the least, extremely alarming though the nurse there reassured me that it was normal. I was admitted into the hospital and hooked up to a fetal monitor and another one for contractions. The nurse checked me and found that I was only 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced and Al was a -3 or -2 (which means he was not dropped down into my pelvis yet). The doctor was concerned since my labor had not truly started and because my water had broken so pitocin was administered. For a long while I just laid and watched the office while my contractions started and slowly got stronger and closer together. Then the nurse came in and informed us that there might be something wrong. She had us watch the monitor and pointed out that every time I had a contraction, Al’s heart rate would dip which was a sign that he wasn’t getting enough blood or oxygen. She then told us that the amount of blood I was losing was more than normal. In the few hours I had been in bed I had completely soaked through one of the pads (the ones that look like puppy pads) and was well on my way through another. The doctor was thinking that I may have placental abruption which is where the placenta detaches from the wall too soon. They explained that if that was the case then a emergency c-section may be necessary and I needed to have an epidural placed.

I agreed but was so scared at that point that I couldn’t get my body to relax anymore and was shaking violently. I asked for a small dose of epidural since it was getting placed anyway cause I knew the stress I was putting on my body would only make things worse. It kicked in and I was able to relax for a bit. The doctor came in and talked to us and said that we could still try for a natural birth, we just had to watch things carefully and make sure everything was proceeding fine. They checked me again and found I was only 2 cm and still the same as before on everything else. The fact that Al was still not dropping didn’t make the doctor very hopeful.

They turned down the pitocin drip to see if that would help Al and for a few more hours I laid in bed and waited. After a while I had the epidural turned off so I could labor how I was before since I had managed to relax again. I labored like this for probably an hour and a half until the doctor came in again and checked me. Everything was the same and I had made no progress. I was getting worried again of course. He talked to me about our options and said we could continue to try for a natural birth but he was getting worried that if we managed to get to that I might be too tired to push. The contractions were a lot stronger than what they had been before and I decided that after another hour I would have more of the epidural administered so I could get some sleep before the time came.

We waited a while and once again the nurse came and checked me. I had only made it to 3cm and Al had still not dropped. She left the room to tell the doctor and pretty soon I received a call on the phone from him. He said that Al was beginning to get distressed and he thought that continuing to try would be too risky and he just didn’t feel comfortable putting Al under any more stress. I agreed with him so after seventeen and a half hours of labor I was prepped for an emergency c-section and taken to an operating room. Ty followed me in and tried to keep me distracted through the surgery by having me count my breaths and try to lower my heart rate.

I could still feel it as they began to work on me though not very well. It hurt at first then the anesthesiologist administered more stuff and I went all the way numb. All I could feel was tugging and jerks and as they made the beginning cuts I could hear a weird sound kind of like something tearing. I waited, and only a few minutes after they begun I heard the doctor say “Theres a cord around the neck”. I couldn’t hear him crying and for a few moments I was terrified something horrible and happened then the doctor said look at your baby and held him up over the curtain for me to see. He was only making a few noises and not full on crying like you would expect a baby to.

Ty left my side to follow him and I laid on the table and waited as the doctors worked on stitching me up. A little later Ty returned with Al and laid him next to my head. They freed up one of my hands from the blow up warming thing I was under and I was able to hold Al’s hand for a bit while the surgery continued. They then had to take him and finish getting him checked out so once again him and Ty left together while I stayed on the operating table longer. Al had come into the world around ten thirty pm on December 16th (the exact time is still of some debate since a nurse told me 10:45 while the paper in Al’s bassinet said 10:22).

After the doctors finished they congratulated me and left, leaving some nurses to clean me up and transfer me to a bed which was the wheeled back to the room I had labored in where my mom was waiting for me. We sat in that room for a long time until I was finally moved a floor down to the mother and baby ward. There we continued to wait until finally at around one thirty in the morning, Al was brought back to me. Come to find out, he had been stuck in the birth canal and could not progress downwards like we had been hoping he would do. He weighed 5 lbs 9 oz.

The nurse who was working was very sweet and helped me do skin to skin with him for a long time and get him fed. They were slightly concerned about his blood sugar level which was low (Common in smaller babies) but allowed him to stay the night in the room with us. However, in the morning his levels had not improved so he was wheeled off to the NICU where he had to stay a while and had a IV stuck in his poor little head and foot. Every few hours I would be taken up there to try to feed him. He had to stay the night in there and most of the next day until we were told that his levels had improved enough that he could go back to our room with us but he just had to continue to be monitored. He continued to do well eating his food and was getting plenty of it though we had to supplement some with formula just to help. Soon they came in and removed the IV from his head and he turned into a much happier baby.

Finally we were discharged from the hospital on Monday night around 7 pm and we have been home since. :)

Al has been doing really well tonight though he’s a little weirded out by the new surroundings. Tomorrow we return to the hospital for a short while to have them do another test on him for jaundice. Hopefully all goes well and he continues to eat well and grow. <3 I will get pictures of him up soon.