Rant rant rant rant rant..

May 9th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Good morning. So I know I said I would try to post once a week and that was.. I don’t even remember how many weeks ago. That wasn’t a lie. I just never got around to getting my blog fixed so I never did anything. Procrastination! Anyway, I updated it so maybe uploading pictures will work now. Lets find out-

/Nope, still broken./

So, I guess I’ll just make another ranty blog and put off doing my pic dump until another million years have passed. Lets continue, shall we?

I don’t even remember what I wrote about the last time I was in here so it must have been a while ago, or my sleep deprived brain just decided that wasn’t useful information to cling onto. Either way, a lot of things have probably changed since then. Lets get into it now-

-With Al-

He’s developing really well! At his last appointment (his 4 month appointment) we had to fill out a questionnaire asking what sort of things he had started to do, like babble, roll, reach for things, etc. He did really really well in the problem solving category, and normal in all other categories with, I believe, a little lacking in communication. Of course, he started doing some of the things I marked he didn’t do-like talk to himself in the mirror- right there in the doctors office so he was better off than what was actually put on the thing.
Lately, he’s mastered rolling and moving which means I now have to be very careful where I set him down and he has to be strapped into all of his chairs which is a nuisance since he hates being strapped down. For a couple of days, he knew how to blow raspberries but it seems his interest in that has passed for now. We’re trying to work with him on his motor skills since he’s still pretty shaky and jerky, but thats something he won’t be able to do good for a while yet anyway.
He’s recently discovered his feet and grabs them every chance he gets though he hasn’t got to where he puts them in his mouth just yet.
The doctor is a little concerned about his weight, its still pretty low (1st percentile) and he’d like it to go up. He’s having us try to give Al two bottles of either milk or formula a day. So far that’s not working out so well. Al knows how to drink from a bottle, and will if he’s hungry enough, but he doesn’t really want it. He’s getting maybe a extra ounce of food a day, which at least that’s a little more than what he’s getting but I wish he’d take more. We tried him out on some rice cereal last night (a kind you can mix with either formula or breast milk) and that did not go well. He just sat and pushed it out of his mouth so I guess that means he’s not ready to be eating food. I was planning on weaning him in June (for personal reasons) but I kind of don’t see that happening. We’ll have to see how things go over the next month.
He still doesn’t sleep through the night-though last night he slept from 10 to 5 so that was awesome-but its something I’m growing accustomed to and since his weight is low I think its ok that he’s waking up to eat. He does need the extra food after all. As long as it stops being every two hours.. blah.
Other than all that, he’s generally a happy baby that never wants to stop moving, and loves to play all the time. :)

-With me-

So I think the last time I did an update on myself, I talked about my PPD and how much that sucked. That’s basically gone now. I still have normal depression but lately that’s been better too. I joined a gym and I’ve been going pretty regularly which I think has helped a lot. Its definitely getting me out of my comfort zone on exercising but I love it hardcore. Its definitely a habit I have no plan of falling out of though I have cut back on how much I’ve been going because I had a drop in my milk supply but we’re back to normal now. Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else to report on myself. I haven’t found any new hobbies though I have found a few new good shows I would like to recommend-
Bob’s Burgers is awesome. It has one season on netflix and is currently running its second season.
Game of Thrones is getting pretty for serious now. Lots of intrigue and death and general evil doom plots being plotted out by everyone and you have no clue who is on who’s side. Insanity! Though remember, this show is not for young viewers as it is as far from PG as you can probably get.
And, always always always, Community. Oh how I love it. Six seasons and a movie!

Now that you’re filled in, let me regale you with a tale of being a mom. A awesome mom. So trips out of the house are getting easier for me even with my breastfeeding shyness. I’ve managed to go out for pretty long periods of time and find good spots to feed him discreetly at. So we had a dinner for the UTOS (Utah open source). There were a lot of people there, a lot I didn’t know, so I was like “Well, Al’s fussy so I’ll just go in the bathroom and feed him there. No biggy.” Well, I had left the diaper bag out in the car where my nursing cover was and I didn’t want to walk clear out there to get it so I just went and stood in the handicapped stall and fed him, feeling super awkward every time he grunted and made weird noises. So he gets done eating and I put him over my shoulder and start patting his back to burp him, not thinking, and all of a sudden I hear him spit up. And not like a little tiny baby burp spit up, I mean full on poltergeist spit up. “Oh crap” runs through my mind as I think about how I’m probably drenched in it, so I turn and look to see how bad it is-
Completely missed me. Hit the floor instead. The first though that runs through my mind then? Winning.

And that’s about my life as a mom.

So I’m going to TRY to stop procrastinating and get my blog fixed so I can do some pic uploads like I keep saying I want to do. We’ll be going on some pretty fun adventures soon (Arizona for sure) and I’d like to do some actual posts on how Al likes that and whatever else we plan to do this summer. Definitely will have to update everyone on what an 8+ hour car ride with a baby does to your sanity. Soooooooo, if Tia’s reading this bug me maybe? <3 Until next time.