Rabble rabble

June 23rd, 2012 by KellyJoe

So I was going to update this when Al turned 6 months (so like last week derpa-derp) but I got sidetracked. I seem to be falling off the wagon of getting around and doing things. I’m not sure what my issue is but hopefully I resolve it soon. Anyway, I decided I should just hurry and push this out so I don’t feel like such a failure at blogging. So enjoy my ramblings.

Lets talk about Al- So its crazy thinking of how big he is getting! He’s started eating some purees and he’s been loving them so far. We’ve done pears, carrots, bananas, and tonight we tried some squash which surprisingly he liked. He even sat up on his own without tipping or having to support himself for a minute the other day. So far he hasn’t figured out how to crawl yet, or get into the position for it even, but he knows how to get himself around by rolling and dragging himself. Its pretty hilarious to watch. He’s starting to work on his vocal skills as well, with a lot of yelling and cooing and-finally, finally, finally- his first word even which was mom! Not surprising with how much he wants me to hold and play with him. He’s really developing quite the personality and I can tell he’s going to be a super loving kid.

Al when he was first born.

Al at the end of May :)

I ordered him some brand new wooden teething toys since one broke and one fell prey to a puppy so hopefully they get here soon! I’m afraid of when he’s full blown teething and I don’t want to be short teething toys when it finally happens.
Other than that, I can’t think of anything else that has been really going on with him. But if I remember anything I will update it here.

Lets talk about me- So I’m doing better. I got me some new jeans and, frankly, I look pretty damn good in them. I’m working on not trying to care so much about my weight and focus more on the health aspect of working out. I think its working out pretty well for me. I noticed my mood has improved greatly and I’ve been happier lately. So I’ve been enjoying that. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think thats really all about me. Yeah, I’m super boring. Still playing the same video game and I haven’t watched a whole lot of movies (though the season of South Park they just put on netflix is AMAZING). I am, however, reading the hunger game books and I’m on the third one right. They’re pretty good though if I’m honest they haven’t lived up to the hype. They’re written from first person and I don’t find them to be very descriptive which kind of bums me out. I prefer my books to have more description in them, I find that helps me get in the story more. Other than that complaint though, they are really well written, imaginative, and pretty original-if you can stomach the idea of kids killing kids for sport. Lets face it, we’re not far off from that in our future.

Lets talk about cute things I love- So the new love of my life, Khaleesi the axolotl, is doing well. We had a rocky weekend last week when my sucker fish suddenly died while I was gone and decomposed and grossed the tank up. I had to put her in a small tank while I completely redid hers. She seems to like it better though with the sand instead of large rocks. I put snails in with her instead and they seem to be doing a good job of keeping the tank clean. For those of you who don’t know what an axolotl is, get your knowledge here-


Khaleesi is a leucistic axolotl which means she’s white with pink gills. She’s very, very cute and I love her. <3 Thats all I can think to write about for now. I'm really going to try to get better at this. Its just so hard to be consistent at writing in here with a baby! Tia, you know what to do!

The long awaited pic dump!

June 6th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Sooo the blog is fixed now but I am too tired to coherently write anything that might even make a little bit of sense so instead I’m going to bombard you ruthlessly with pictures of my baby from over the last six months.

Al- December!

Look how ridiculous tiny he was! And what a scrawny thing he was too.

Al- January

Al- February

Al- March

Not going to lie, I just kind of find that picture hilarious.

Al- April

Al- May

I don’t have any from June put on my computer yet but I figure that will hold everyone over. Its weird to think that its almost been 6 months since he was born. On one hand it feels like forever, on the other it feels like no time at all. Its been fun and rough all at once and I absolutely love it. :)

Now that the pictures on my blog are fixed I really do plan on writing a lot more. What I will be writing about I have no clue since I usually just wing it when I start in here. I’m trying to force myself out of my bubble more often and do more things so maybe I’ll try to find something I can share in here a bit. If not I can just keep rambling forever and ever like I kind of tend to. Whatevs, ya know.

Anyway, Tia you know the drill. Keep me on this.