Reflections on my Gluten Free Week

July 21st, 2012 by KellyJoe

This is a day late but I thought I’d write about my first week of being gluten free. In short, I dislike it. I dislike it so much you could say I hate it. I never realized just how much bread and flour products I had in my life, and wanted to have in my life, before I started this diet. And before someone says I should just quit, I did cheat on my diet and eat a flour tortilla and that did not go well for me. NOT WELL AT ALL. So my plan is to just keep the diet up until I get health insurance and can figure out what the problem is. Most likely its celiacs disease though. So that’s my life. So far I haven’t felt a whole lot of benefits of the diet. Mostly I’ve been tired and with low energy. I’m really hoping the energy boost I was promised happens soon because I am slowly being worn to nothing, and it doesn’t help that teething hell has come back already. Yep, Al had two more teeth come in at once! The bottom front ones this time. His sleeping schedule and his mood are shot. Except for tonight apparently. He’s sleeping super good tonight which is sucktacular cause I’m wide awake from a long nap I had earlier. So that’s fun.

Anyway, I have more to write but it must wait until later because at some point I need to force myself to sleep. I’ll leave you with this and a promise of my return.

Bedtime Music and Gluten

July 11th, 2012 by KellyJoe

So, this is weird. Hasn’t been a thousand years since my last post and I’m in here writing away. I thought I’d write something quick while I was thinking about things.

At bed I like to play Al music cause it makes him go down a lot easier. There’s a pretty good chance that hes like me and hates quiet and has to have constant noise. I like to give him a variety of music and so far I haven’t found anything he’s balked at. I’d like to share some of his favorite songs with you and also some recent ones that we’ve discovered through the art of randomly clicking to keep the angry baby from turning into a screaming baby.

Brand New- The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
This song is absolutely amazing! Its so pretty and Al zonks so hard when he listens to it. Its almost an instant calmer for him.

Modest Mouse-So much Beauty in Dirt
Short but sweet. Its one we’ve just started listening to at night.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Porcelain
Just <3 And now his favorite song OF ALL TIME. Skrillex- Father Said :D Silly hardcore boy. In an unrelated note, it seems that I might be allergic to gluten and in a miserable decision will be going on a gluten free diet. I'd like to share this horrible and depressing adventure with all of you (I'm probably being more of a baby about it than I actually should be but I do like eating bread that doesn't cost a ridiculous bunch of money). I'm starting tomorrow. I'll be having a breakfast of nothing but farm fresh eggs and then I'll make a journey to the store and but some fruits and veggies to eat for the rest of the day until I can get this better planned out. I'll try to keep this updated weekly. Lets put a lot of emphasis on TRY. Anyway, I have a pump calling my name and this milk ain't gonna take care of itself. Until next time. <3

Teething Hell and Skyward Sword

July 8th, 2012 by KellyJoe

ollo. Sorry for the absence, I am seriously slacking. Lately Al has been getting teeth in and that’s been a nightmare and a half. He’s grouchy pretty much constantly, doesn’t like eating his purees or really taking a bottle, and thinks sleep is for the weak which in turn makes him overtired and even more grouchy than ever before. So basically it needs to end soon before I lose my sanity. He doesn’t seem to want anything but material in his mouth so I’ve froze burp clothes and let him chew on them. I’m currently looking for a better alternative though. I’ve heard of mesh feeder nets you can freeze fruit and ice in and that sounds like a really good idea. If I find it and try it out I’ll have to write about how it goes. As it is, I’ve tried to get him to chew on his wooden teething toys and the frozen ones but at this stage of teething he doesn’t seem to enjoy it like he used to. Even chewing on our knuckles, which was his favorite past time, hasn’t been helping him out. I’m going to call his pediatrician tomorrow and see what they suggest doing.

Other than teething hell, he’s doing good. He can sit up on his own now though he still tends to fall over if he’s not careful about his balance and he’s really loving exploring the house with his new found ability to get around. Still no crawling yet but even his inch worming is very effective and getting to what he probably shouldn’t be in. I sense baby proofing the house close on the horizon.

Recently, I finished (FINALLY) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and maybe this is a little late since everyone and their dog has probably played and beat it a million times over while I was busy taking care of Al but I think a review is in order.

First off, the pros of the game-

EXCELLENT soundtrack! I am not kidding, it is amazing and I want to do nothing but play the game to listen to the music. The game pack that I bought included the soundtrack with it but I find it disappointing because a lot of the songs that are in the game don’t seem to be on the CD and of course their the ones I like the best. But whatever back to good things. The last dungeon which is a slider puzzle type dungeon is super fun in my opinion though can be frustrating, and the second part of last battle (though short) is soooo pretty and fun. The only qualm I have about it is that I wish it would have lasted longer but had a longer time limit for the final blow. It was pretty much literally a split second thing. The colors of the game are amazing. After playing Twilight Princess which has a really dreary atmosphere it was nice to have something so bright and cheerful. I also really quite enjoyed some of the side characters that you run into. And of course, side quests galore! They’re all I ever wanted to do and more.

Now the cons- The controls. Holy crap, guys, the controls. Talk about having to be precise all the time and never being able to hit anything ever because your controller isn’t calibrated good enough. Talk about missing the final blow a million times over because of terrible calibration. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, why don’t you just recalibrate it and stop whining? BECAUSE. You don’t want to stop in the middle of a battle when you’re in your groove to calibrate your damn wii mote. That’s why guys! Because of this I also think that the game wouldn’t be very fun for kids since it requires so much precision and can get frustrating awfully fast. My other complaint is Link’s sidekick. I never thought I could hate anyone more than Navi but nintendo proved me wrong. She is so annoying, obnoxious, and I find her so unhelpful its painful to me. At least Navi knew what the heck you were fighting and how to kill it if you were having issues. And my final complaint of the game, with the setting (Skyloft) I didn’t really feel like it was a Zelda game. It didn’t help that to me Zelda didn’t really look like.. Zelda. It was just kind of weird. Its just one of those small things that nag at you I expect.

So there’s the pros and cons of the game and with both of those in mind I still have to say that it was a pretty good game. Not my favorite but certainly not my least favorite either. In the Zelda games I have played I’d have to rank it probably fourth on my list after Oot, TP, and MM. Granted I still have a lot of Zelda games to play so this list could change in the future. I just have to track the remaining ones I don’t have down and find a replacement for my poor, poor super nintendo.

And there you have it. I plan on sucking less in the future (But lets be honest I say this same thing every time I write in here). Until next time.