Hearing, weight, and plays.

August 17th, 2012 by KellyJoe

So we got Al’s hearing test done and everything came out just fine on that so when they did it int he hospital there must have just been liquid in his ear or something that messed with the test. Honestly, I wasn’t too worried about it. Sure he doesn’t do as well in communication but he’s starting to respond when you say his name and when you say things to him though usually when you tell him no about something he just laughs and does it anyway. So there’s that.

Yesterday he turned 8 months old so I took him in for his monthly weight check and he weighed 13 lbs 9 oz which means he gained less than 5 oz. I’m not overly concerned on this either. I figure he’s probably not gaining as much because he is super mobile now which means burning more calories but I figure I should probably call up his pediatrician and let him know how much he gained since he didn’t want his percentile to drop any lower than what it was. But honestly, compared to what he looked like for months and months and months-like a skeletor!-to now, he definitely looks like he’s gained a goodly amount of weight. He’s starting to grow out of some of his 0 to 3 month outfits too so that’s nice!

And in news of my life, my schedule got all thrown off due to lots of things going on I haven’t been as good about going to the gym and exercising as I had meant to but that’s what next week was invented for right? Yeah.. I’m going to keep saying that right up till my death bed. I’m feeling kind of discouraged cause I don’t really feel like I’ve been losing weight lately no matter how well I eat and exercise, and it might just be water weight but with my tattoo I don’t really want to go sit in the sauna yet until it’s all healed up. But ah wellllll.

Oh also also also, I went to Wicked and now I wonder why no one ever told me it was so good? How dare you. How. Dare. You. In comparison to the only other serious play I’ve actually seen (Phantom of the Opera) I think I’d have to say that I like this better. The stage props were amazing, the acting was just what! (In a good way of course), and I can’t stop singing what bits of the song I remember. I seriously need to get the soundtrack on my ipod post haste.

And just for kicks this is about the face I’ve been getting the whole time while writing this. He’s been trying to pound his tiny angry baby fists on the computer because he’s helpful. SUPER HELPFUL.

Misadventures, sleepless nights, and still no pizza

August 7th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Wow…. Still sucking at this, yep. I don’t think its been a month at least since my last post so at least I have that going for me. Lets chattle chat.

So I got my second tattoo which was surprisingly a much more pleasant experience than getting my first tattoo, all obstacles I ran into aside. So I set this appointment up in June for August second, I arrange a babysitter for Al, we drive up to Salt Lake and then we find out that the artist who was supposed to do my tattoo apparently broke his foot and was going into surgery that day. Uhhhhh. So, I ask the guy there “Hey could you just do it?” and he was like “Oh yeah, sure, but you gotta get this picture printed out somewhere. And we close at eight so..” (The time was then five). So we jump in the car and follow these crack addict directions given to us by GPS that led us through a whole bunch of weird residential area and was all sorts of roundabout in making it to the UPS store. So we finally get there and the heavens open up for a second because surprisingly we were able to put the image on Ty’s computer, resize it, and then print it out. Huzzah! We travel back to the shop (which takes five minutes compared to like twenty-twenty five maybe) and we get in. The guy sits and draws the thing up and then is like “K, I’ll get setup and then I just need your license”. Yeah, cool. I pull that out and as he goes to scan it a thought hits me and falls out of my mouth before I can stop it “Does it matter if my license is expired?” Yes. It does. Very much so. The guy apologizes and says he’ll leave a spot open for me the next day just in case I can get and ID and make it and tells us that Al can come to the shop with us as long as he is quiet and behaves. Ok cooooool. So I wake up at an early hour the next morning so I can make it to the driver license building by eight. Weirdly there’s already like 5 people there. I get to my turn in line and say that I need an ID and the guy tells me that if I do that I will have to start the licensing process all over including taking the test. I ask him “wouldn’t I have to take it anyway?” “No, your license only expired like two months ago.” Wait, what? So as it turns out, since I got my license late it actually expired when I turned 22 and NOT 21 like we had all thought. So I get my drivers license and sit around all day waiting until we can get to the shop. AND THEN I FINALLY GOT MY TATTOO WOOT. Yeah, it was quite the ordeal but oh so very worth it. The guy was an amazing artist and person all around to put up with all that ridiculous and take me on such short notice. I’m hoping to go back to him when I fix my foot piece. So there’s that.

Apparently with the return of my playing video games, I am also seeing the return of my insomnia (which is why I am up writing this). Its happened a couple times now, and the last time it was bad enough that I ended up going for a jog at 1 am in the attempt to force myself to be tired. That didn’t work. I guess I need to work on finding something to wear out my brain before I get in bed. Or I’ll just come in here and ramble. And no one wants that.

And, yeah. Still thinking I have celiacs. Since I quite gluten I have not had hives once even when I cheated on the diet a little (though that did make me raging sick) so I’m thinking that if I do have it, it might just be a pretty mild case. The bad thing about that is its something that gets worse as time goes on.

(As it turns out, nursing and listening to classic music makes me super tired. To bad Al was super whiny all night so I slept like poo and failed getting up at 6 like I’m trying to do from now on but 6:30 isn’t bad.)

Speaking of Al, this last month has been such a crazy turning point for him. He’s gone to a cute little squishy baby who just kind of laid around to this wild, adorable thing that will be tearing through this house just as soon as he figures out how to get his legs to move for him right. As it is, he already crawls super fast everywhere he feels he needs to go and is mastering climbing over things, people, and puppies. He can pull himself up really good and stand on his feet but he hasn’t figured out how to walk himself using support of objects around him but still, it can’t be long. He’s got a natural curiosity which, while cute, is also full of doom because everything must be gotten into and smacked around. His biggest thing right now is cords for the xbox (which incidentally don’t feel great when they whack you in the eye). He thinks he’s a puppy who has to chew on them, and basically everything else, with his four demon teeth. But who could say no to this face?

And that’s basically our lives right now. More updates to come in the future and all that.