Buffy, Birthdays, and Oreo Cookies Galore.

September 28th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Hey-o, I’m back again. Its one in the morning and I can’t sleep so here I am again just watching buffy and listening to my baby make sleepy grunts over the monitor. Yeah. Watching Buffy. I’m not ashamed. I love it.

Moving on from that, Al had his nine month check up today and everything went really well. He is 27″ long and 14 lbs 4.5 oz which means that he in all likelihood he will grow too tall for his seat before he grows too heavy which I find pretty funny actually. Slim baby is slim. He had to get his hemoglobin checked today and that was a very sad experience all around. Its been a long time since he’s had to have his poor foot poked and it wasn’t easy watching it happen again. He certainly wasn’t happy about it after the fact. It was basically “Oh whats that red thing you’re pressing against my t-WHY?!?!?!” thing followed by a “STOP TRYING TO PUT A BAND-AID ON ME YOU JERK!”. He was pretty ok for a while after that initial awfullness. We sat and played with the crinkly paper and walked across the floor. He reached a whole new level of cute when the nurse walked in and talked to him and he decided that he’s shy apparently. He hunched his shoulders up, smiled and looked to the side. It was freakin adorable. Then of course we had to have the heartbreak of the flu shot happen and in four weeks we have to get the booster for it so more sadness to come. Yay…..

After we got out of there we went to Wall-mart because I have this idea in my head that I want to do Halloween pictures of Al with all the pumpkins we grew. I just want a simple orange either onesie or footie jammie with a jack-o-lantern face, is that too much to ask?! Anyway, there was one. In a preemie size. I’m pretty sure my uterus exploded by the pure cuteness that was that tiny, tiny outfit. Of course, the fact it didn’t have Al’s size prompted the walk from hell where I looked everywhere for a outfit like it and found none. Hopefully, Wall-mart will get more in and people won’t freakin buy them all before I can get one dang it. What we did find though was birthday cake oreos which were exactly what I expected them to be. It was a giant surprise to see them there since they were supposed to be a limited time deal. I don’t like them as much as the halloween ones but ah well. Still delicious.

And to wrap this up, as everyone knows in three months time Al will be one and it will also be Christmas so yay on that (And SO MANY TEARS). Some of you may be wondering what to get him for those days. Well, here are some suggestions! Warm pajama’s for the cold winter months, kids books which we surprisingly don’t have a lot of, or flash cards cause we don’t have any of those. So there are those but go with whatever you feel like. We’re working out where we’re going to have his birthday still but as soon as I get that figured out I’ll make an event on facebook. We don’t want to do a huge event so not everyone will be invited just so everybody knows. We mostly want to keep it close friends and relations. It will be on the 16th for sure though so more on that to come.

Welp. One thirty now. I’m tired. Night.

Nappy Time Update

September 4th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Well, Al is down for his nap and I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t written anything in a while so here I am. First off, Al is doing great. He’s starting to stand up on his own and is getting more and more brave with it. Its awesome but scary at the same time which this is a sign he may be walking soon and as we all know, walking turns to running. Thinking I had better get out and get my jog on so I can keep up with him.

Another thing, I’ve decided to stop fighting my hippy side and give in to cloth diapering, partially because I love the planet but mostly because I think they are cute, so I’m figuring everything I need for that out today. I’m really excited to do it since I think it will save us quite a bit in diapers with Al and definitely with possible baby #2.

Al’s starting to get better about being separated from me. He went to daycare today and didn’t cry at all even when I went to pick him up which was super nice. I hope we can have more days like that.

I felt like I had a lot more to write when I came in here but obviously not. I’ll leave you with a picture and another update later this month. Until then.