Leaves, Swimming, and More Doctor Appointments

October 26th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Keeping up on blog posts, heck yes. So, Al had a couple firsts this last week. He played in a leaf pile for the first time AND HE DID NOT APPRECIATE. Granted he was very over tired and ready for a nap but he just was not having any leaf jumping fun.

The next thing he did for the first time was swim in the pool. Ty was supposed to go with him but since he had been sick the day before I went in with him instead. It probably would have gone better had there not been a swim team practicing right next to us and being really loud and splashy. He spent the first half clinging to me for dear life and the second half cautiously exploring the water. I didn’t get any pictures of us in the pool but I did get some not so great ones of him in his swim suit.

He missed his second lesson because he has a raging cold and diaper rash but I’m hoping his Tuesday lesson will go better.

Then we went to the doctor yesterday for his flu shot booster and to have his rash looked at. It seems he might be getting close to being in the third percentile for weight and that is exciting stuff! He’s about outgrown all his 0-3 and I’m going to get rid of all of them after this month since I can’t see him being in them much longer anyway. He took getting the shot really well and only cried for a second and he hasn’t had any reaction to the shot at all so thats been nice though he is acting off from his super cold he has. Hopefully that is all cleared up by the end of the weekend so we can get back to going to the gym and daycare more often. He was being really cute at the doctor office and playing in the mirror but I wasn’t quick enough to get non blurry pictures of it. I did get this adorable one though.

Well, I don’t really have anything else to talk about other than my lesbian lover being beautiful and swollen with child (that’s right I mentioned you, Tia) and me having a ton of fun at her baby shower even if she did poison me with cake pops.

Next week should be a more interesting post since there will be pumpkins and costumes involved so until then. <3

10 Months Later

October 16th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Hello, I’m super tired so I’ll try to not make this so rambly. Really hard for me. Al’s apparently restarting his sleep regression so that’s awesome (but not you know) so sleep is elusive and I am TIRED. In any case, we followed our October tradition of dinner in a pumpkin which is FREAKIN DELICIOUS. If you’ve never had it then you should go cry in a corner like right now. Or just enjoy the recipe I’m going to copy for you right now.

1 small to medium pumpkin
1 onion, chopped
2 TBS vegetable oil
1 1/2 to 2 lbs ground beef
2 TBS soy sauce
2 TBS brown sugar
1 (4. oz) can sliced mushrooms, drained
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 1/2 cups rice, cooked
1 (8. oz) can sliced water chestnuts, drained

*Cut off the top of the pumpkin and thoroughly clean out the seeds and pulp. Paint or draw a face on it. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

*In a large skillet, saute onions in oil until tender. Add meat and brown. Drain drippings from skillet. Add soy sauce, brown sugar, mushrooms and soup. Simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

*Add cooked rice and water chestnuts. Spoon mixture into the cleaned out pumpkin shell. Replace pumpkin top and place entire pumpkin, with filling, on baking sheet. Bake 1 hour or until inside meat of the pumpkin is tender.

FREAKIN DELICIOUS. And for your enjoyment I took pictures of what ours turned out like.

I skipped the onions and water chestnuts and opted to put a ton of cheese in it instead cause that’s how I roll. Undoubtedly will be making this again and soon.

So Al turned ten months old today and I am just racked with sadness from it. In two months time I will have a one year old and technically I won’t have a baby anymore. It fills me with grief! He’s such a silly thing. He’s learned how to get down off of the mattress and small ledges by sitting sideways at the edge and putting one foot down until he feels the ground. Its ridiculous adorable. He’s not standing so much and still not walking on his own but he walks really good with his dinosaur and when we hold his hands and we’ve been having him practice walking with only one hand being held by us.I honestly think he could walk if he wanted but he hasn’t got his balance down and he seems to be nervous about falling down.

He knows how to play peek-a-boo, point, clap, and wave hello but they’re only on his terms sort of things so I want to sit down and practice them with him until he feels more comfortable doing them just whenever. He seems to stop caring about things once he’s learned them though which is why I think he rarely does them.

He hasn’t spread his vocabulary out any since he said mom and that’s rarely said now even. He doesn’t have a huge interest in talking it seems cause I talk to him incessantly and honestly I probably annoy the crap out of him by doing it. Plus he has half an hour to an hour of reading time every day. We’re currently reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Ty’s also reading The Fellowship of the Ring to him.

He’s getting back into instrumental music but so far only Zelda music. It was he was only into dubstep for a while and some indie rock. I’ve been playing him Ballad of the Goddess and Zelda’s lullaby to put him down for his nap for the last few days and they’ve worked out really well.

New foods he’s tried are: pumpkin, green beans, ground beef, chicken, arrowroot cookies, and yogurt bites which he goes crazy over. It makes me think I need to make half our yogurts into them. He holds his own bottle most of the time now and I’m really thinking of trying sippy cups again which he lost interest in for a long time. I tried to let him use a spoon while eating the other night but he mostly just held it like a scepter and made royal proclamations that sounded a lot like baby screeches.

And to wrap this part up, being outside is currently his favorite thing in the world and this is how he felt about turning ten months old.

Better picture now.

And that’s how that’s going. We haven’t gone to get him weighed yet this month but judging by his chubby baby belly he’s still gaining weight good though he still fits into a lot of his 0 to 3’s. I’ll probably be retiring those outfits after this month, except the pants cause they fit on his scrawny waist really good still.

I’m still planning out his party for his birthday and nothing is set in stone except for the fact that there will be one and it will be on his actual birthday. I’m only going to invite immediate family and friends though cause I can’t afford to feed a million people. (I feel like I’ve talked about his before but I really can’t remember). I’ll release more details as I find more out on it.

Aaaaaaand thats all I have. I’m going to keep this streak up. Just you watch me. Until next week, stay classy.

Halloween Cookies!

October 11th, 2012 by KellyJoe

So I said to myself “I think I’ll make some Halloween cookies that Al can enjoy as well.” So I got to looking up recipes and I came across this one.


So for the sugar substitute I thought apple sauce would be best. Unfortunately I was fresh out so I went to the store and there I saw some pumpkin pie filling and I said to myself “Hey, I bet that could be a sugar substitute.” So I grabbed it and I never looked back. Or considered the fact that pumpkin isn’t all that sweet. The process of making them went about normal though I seemed to overwork the dough too much which made it too moist so I had to add more flour. This is how they looked before and after baking.

While the initial bite from them tastes a lot like a homemade dog treat (and frankly they look like homemade dog treats) they really grew on me as I kept eating them, especially when I discovered putting honey on the top of them was ridiculous tasty. Though there was someone in this house who enjoyed them plain.

I might try and make them again except use something actually sweet next time.

So I believe I mentioned my super quest to find Al a suitable Halloween outfit that ended in failure? (I know I mentioned it to someone at least..) Apparently I just needed to go to Sams Club the entire time. They have some really awesome outfits there and I managed to grab one in Al’s size, unlike at Wal-Mart. I didn’t get a picture of it in the light, but I did get a picture of it in the dark.

I am super ridiculous excited to take him around in it tomorrow. Maybe more excited than I really should be. I have to collect the materials to do our Halloween costumes (all I need is black felt) and while I’m out I might be checking around for stuff to get people for Christmas.

Also, my super awesome Halloween horror-thon has been continuing (I watch at least one horror movie a day) and that has been going pretty good. Here are some suggestions for those I know love horror (Tia, I mean you.):
I sell the dead
Apartment 143
The Moth Diaries
The New Daughter (for dumb fun)

What I wouldn’t suggest:
Lovely Molly. Holy crap this move is awful. Just TURRIBLE. Its mostly weird camera footage and a lot of stuff unexplained and just.. weird.

What else I’ve seen that was so-so:
The Tall Man. Title was totally a mislead. It really wasn’t a horror but it was interesting in its own way.

Currently as I type this I am watching The Shrine and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Its kind of interesting and the acting is good so far.

And in other news not Halloween related, if you have the chance to do aqua zumba do it. Its freakin awesome and this is coming from someone who hates the water.

And since Al hasn’t really hit any more milestones or learned anything new lately I guess thats all I have for now. See you next week.. maybe. I’ll try. Really hard.


Ghost prints and October!

October 3rd, 2012 by KellyJoe

Have I ever mentioned that I love October? Cause I do. Its totes the best month what with the pumpkins and jacket weather and free candy. So in honor of the upcoming holiday Al and I did a fun project that I learned from pinterest and that is ghost footprints!

What I did was use a piece of black construction paper and put a strip of orange at the bottom where I wrote what I wanted.

Then while Al slept I mixed up water and flour to make the “paint”. I wanted something that would be fine if he got it in his mouth and I figured that was the best thing I had on hand. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t show up well on the black though so I added green food coloring to it. I mixed it until it had kind of a paste like consistency.

It didn’t go on as thick as I would have liked though and I didn’t think you would be able to see the outer edges once it had dried so I decided to sprinkle on some flour over the top. And when I say sprinkle I mean dump a crap load.

I let it dry for a while and then attempted to get the excess flour off. First I carefully tried blowing it off, then when my impatience kicked in I got a brush and brushed it off instead which was surprisingly effective. This was the end result.

I really like the end result and I’m hoping that if I laminate it I’ll be able to preserve it in his scrapbook. I’d like to make this a yearly tradition I think so we can watch the ghost get bigger.

We also did Halloween pictures the other day but for some reason Al had decided that day that pumpkins were evil things that wanted to eat him (which in a way is funny since we’ll be eating pumpkins pretty soon). I had to set him a little ways a way from them to get any pictures of him with them.

This is LITERALLY the only good one I got of him the entire time I was trying to get pictures. He was pretty adamant about not cooperating.

In any case, that’s all I have for now and I’m hoping to be better about this blog thing from now on (lololololol) but you know. Enjoy a picture of some awesome sleep hair.