November 26th, 2012 by KellyJoe

So. That every week thing didn’t last as long as I thought it would and I certainly wouldn’t be here except I’m being forced to do so by penalty of nag. Its pretty fatal in large doses. I’m trying to remember everything thats even gone on over the last couple weeks and what we’ve done. It all seems a jumble of poor sleep schedules and pie. Too much pie. You could say that I ate pie and didn’t exercise for a week. Its safe to assume I’ve already failed that whole “30 day ab work out thing”. Yeeaaaahhhh. ANYWAY.

Something that did happen a few weeks ago (the first week I didn’t update) is Al finger painted for the first time! I thought it would be a lot of fun to do the whole awesome mom pinterest craft lady thing and do Thanksgiving turkey paintings.

He’s like a little Picasso!

And as you can see, we nailed the Thanksgiving turkey every time. Yep. They’re just abstract is all.

Not long after that Al turned 11 months old which was both exciting and terrifying if you consider the fact that it means he’ll be one years old really really soon and I am not ready for a toddler.

November has been an exciting month of change. He took his first steps which he improves at every day, he’s starting to stand up in the middle of the floor without any assistance, his babbles are starting to sound more like words, and theres just so much he’s starting to be able to do on his own now like turn book pages and throw balls. Its crazy to think that the tiny little squeaking thing that I had at the hospital is turning into this mischievous little boy who thinks that making you chase after him is hilarious.

And he’s so curious too. Thanksgiving week meant being at my parents house and being there obviously meant catching craw dads. Needless to say Al wanted them to be his friends really bad to the point that when they started getting back in the water he would scream at them. He thought they were about the coolest things he had ever seen. He’s probably still of this opinion since he hasn’t been pinched yet.

Then there was the thanksgiving meal and even though he can’t talk he managed to communicate to me that this year he was thankful for sweet potatoes. Its pretty easy to read on his face that thats exactly how he felt.

And I FINALLY got a picture of him standing so that was super awesome.

And of course no trip to D-town would be complete without a lesbian family outing.

And now I’ve told basically everything that has been going on. :) I’m all caught up and I’ll try to stay that way.

And just because I feel its appropriate since I was nagged into doing this post, enjoy this end picture.


That Inevitable Question

November 6th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Oh hello again. This week I kind of had to cast around for something to talk about since this keeping up weekly thing isn’t easy with how terribly unexciting my life at the moment. We seem stuck between milestones, no teething, no improvement to the sleep schedule and not a whole lot to report except as of this afternoon Al now knows how to point at things. He’s been pointing for a while now but not at anything in particular. We were working through his color book and I was letting him turn the pages since its one of the cardboard books and he saw a picture of the ladybug and pointed at it and made an excited noise. He then sat and rubbed at it with his finger. After that he started pointing to the large paint splotches in the book or at the smaller pictures of things. Its awesome knowing that he’s starting to recognize different things. I’ve also noticed this week he’s started to branch out with the noises he makes. Instead of the standard “mamamamama” I’ve been hearing a lot of “bababa” and other weird noises. Maybe we’ll get a second word in soon!

So to get on with what the title of this post is about, I wanted to talk about what its like every time I go anywhere. This isn’t an angry sort of thing but after ten months the same question starts to wear you down and you get tired of repeating yourself over and over and over and.. You get the point. The question being “Why is your baby SO small?”. This can come in many forms, that being the standard, but there’s also “What was wrong with him?”, “He’s JUST SO SMALL ERMERGERD”, and the one I always inwardly sigh at “Is he a preemie?”. Every time someone wants to comment this is what I get, seriously. I’ve had to explain to people that no, there is nothing wrong with him he was just born small I just make small babies ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh stop. We even had a lady go so far as to ask what his doctor told us to do about it. Uh, feed him? What else would we do?

Once again, so we’re clear this doesn’t necessarily bother me all the time cause I get it, small babies can be weird to see and people don’t know whats up but its like ALL. THE. TIME. So I felt a rant on it was justified in here. On the plus side of this though I have been told by the daycare workers that he is the cutest kid no contest and that he has a permanent smoulder going on so thats pretty awesome in my opinion.

Man, I really wish I had more to talk about but I kind of feel like I’m stuck in a stagnant hell of nothing much really going on and I haven’t found any really fun crafts I want to try with Al lately. I mean there are handprint turkeys we could make but I haven’t got around to that yet cause I’d be better off getting paint for that instead of the crazy concoction I made for his ghost footprint. LE SIGH.

And its not even that theres not a whole lot going on with him, theres also not a ton going on with me either. I mean, I’ve been getting back into the habit of going to the gym and I’ve started a 30 day ab challenge (which I suck super hard at) but there is no way I’m going to share that shame other to say that I’m doing it on here. Maybe if the end results are HOLY CRAP THATS NOT EVEN THE SAME PERSON RIGHT?! amazing but seeing as how my abs are non existent misshapen blobs I’m like um, no, I don’t think so.. about it. I can’t even comment on how it is to be gluten free cause that hasn’t happened for a while and let me tell you I am itchy and sick all the time. Its like having my own personal level of hell that I haven’t clawed my way out of yet because I freaking love graham crackers and grilled cheese. I have a problem yo, pretty soon I’m going to be melting bread products down to inject straight into my blood stream.

ANYWAY. I’m getting ranty so I’m going to sign off before I write anything more ‘what the crap is she talking about’ like. Stay classy.


November 2nd, 2012 by KellyJoe

So, I meant to write this yesterday and I forgot. But its only a day late so I’m not a failure yet, woot woot. We celebrated Al’s first Halloween and it was awesome! In terms of you can’t really do a whole lot on Halloween with a little baby. I’m also kind of disappointed we didn’t get him an actual costume but I guess there’s next year for that sort of thing. We just dressed him up in his glow in the dark skeleton outfit, we also had a felt goatee for him but he was like EFF THAT NO so that didn’t happen at all. Thats ok though.

He did do a pumpkin though. I had it in my head that we would do this cute one with his handprints on it and I’d cut them out and it would be adorable. So I thought to myself “Oh, I’ll just put black food coloring on his hand and press them to the pumpkin and that will work great.”

Its the one on the right. Yeah. NAILED IT. I decided to give it a mouth and honestly its one of the creepiest pumpkins I’ve seen so thats pretty awesome still.

On actual Halloween we went over to the neighbors and got a treat bag from her then we went and played at the park until it started to get dark and then we went home, had dinner, and passed out candy to trick r’ treaters. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it and I think he did too. :)

Halloween kind of makes me sad now. Trunk r’ treating is totally taking over and killing the trick r’ treating. It totally bums me out since that is my favorite thing about Halloween. And half the older kids aren’t even trying anymore. Its lame sauce and ‘m absolutely certain the only reason kids come to our house is because the neighbors across the way are super decorated for it so we get their overflow. Yay. Oh well though I guess.

Blahhhhhhhh, I can’t think of anything else to write cause I’m sleepy. And I need to get invitations made for Al’s birthday. I’M GETTING THERE. GOSH.

Good night.