The Week From.. Well You Know

January 29th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So this last week. Yeah, this last week.. Its been.. Awful. Just terrible. I have to say that this last week may just be the most trying week I’ve had since having Al. So as the majority of you know, Al had a virus at the beginning of the week that imitated the symptoms of strep and gave him a nasty fever. As soon as that cleared up I noticed he was still terribly ornery and chewing on his fingers a lot. Those molars I had seen poking through a while ago? Yeah, they decided that it would be a fantastic idea to start coming in right after the fever broke maintaining the angry demon child my son had turned into and also teaching him how to properly through tantrums which at the age he is are kind of ridiculous to handle. Now that’s just whats going on with Al. Monday I also got the celiacs test which came back negative which frustrates me greatly because even though I am happy I don’t have celiacs I also don’t know what is giving me hives and making me sick and I wasn’t told who I should see. I’m guessing an allergist but to put in the words of my new favorite thing “ain’t nobody got time for that”. I also switched to a different form of birth control while I was there and that might have been one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made since now I am a rollercoaster of emotions I haven’t had to deal with in a long time so hello panic attacks, so nice to see you again. But you know, not really. I love staying up late because you make me unable to sleep. AND THE WEATHER. I HATE YOU SNOW, WHY DON’T YOU KNOW WHEN TO QUIT HUH?! PEOPLE LIKE GOING OUTSIDE AND SEEING THE SUN AND YOU’RE A JERK SNOW.

And now I’m done complaining. We haven’t done a ton because of all the crap going on this week but we did manage to do a couple things.

We worked on our manners with dogs.


That went pretty good in the sense that Al has apparently learned jealousy. I thought it would be cute to teach him how to give the dogs treats (something he’s done before at super adoption and I figured he already shares his food with them so it wouldn’t be hard). Yeah. No, just no. He thought the dog treat I handed him was a cookie for him to eat, so I took it and showed him how to give it to Lacy then I handed him another. Once again he thought it was a cookie for him so I tried to show him again. Cue meltdown! So I gave up on that idea and got him calmed down. Well he was playing on the floor a few feet off so I grabbed Lacy and pulled her in my lap and that was NOT ok. He got mad and started shoving at her trying to get her off my lap. So she got up and moved and I tried to get him to sit on my lap. NOPE. He didn’t want me, he just didn’t want the dog to have me. SO that was an adventure in new emotions for him.

Because he was so ornery I thought maybe doing some fun bath painting again might be a good idea. He wasn’t so much into the painting himself but he thought it was fun to stick the brush in the colors and watch me finger paint. I made sure to make it extra nerdy.



And then of course there was just him being probably the coolest kid ever. Just sayin’.



So far I haven’t planned anything fun for this week. Things have been just way too hectic for me to even think about big activities to do so we’ve just been doing small things. I do have a ton planned out though for next week while Ty is gone to keep Al busy and exhausted so I look forward to posting on all that. I’m really hoping the weather gets better and we’ll be able to get out more, especially so we’re both not trapped here together 24/7 and we can both get some time in at the gym (he likes to flirt with the daycare girls and play with their toy food).

Aaand yeah. This was my long, complainy post because Tia is adamant that I inform her all about my life. THERE YOU GO TIA.

Doctors, Doctors, All Day Long..

January 21st, 2013 by KellyJoe

We had a ridiculously busy day today. I had it in my mind yesterday that I would go to bed early, get up early, and get things like walking Lacy and doing yoga done since I knew today I wouldn’t be going to the gym. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead what happened is all woke up at 12:45 am with a high fever and angry baby cries. We gave him ibuprofen and sat up while Ty put together his car seat which we had to take apart and wash since he had puked in it a day prior. His temperature dropped some and we decided to go back to bed which only lasted a little while before he woke up with an upset tummy and crying around 3-4 ish.At that point I disabled my 6 am alarm knowing that there was no way I was getting up at that time. I instead rolled out of bed around 8:00 Al’s fever had gone up a little bit again so I called up his doctors office and scheduled an appointment for two in the afternoon. Then I skipped off to my doctors appointment with a raging sick stomach from the french toast I had decided to eat against my better judgement.

The wait for the first doctors appointment for the day wasn’t long or even unpleasant. We talked about what I could expect the next (if there is a next) time I got pregnant, what my options were with the VBAC or C-section, and so forth. It was all pretty positive and nice. He told me that he had to do some research on what kind of test I needed for the celiacs since it wasn’t a test they often did there and he wanted to be sure he ordered the right thing. So he said he’d call me back after his lunch. Ok, so far awesome. I go home and Al still has a fever so we kick around until I get a callback from my doctor saying that I can come in anytime I want and that the test has been ordered. So far, so good.

The second appointment of our day also did not have a long wait. His normal pediatrician had today off but the one we saw was really nice and she seemed good with Al. She ran a test for strep then when that came up negative she ran a test for influenza which also turned up negative. She told us to get Al some soy milk and to go to the hospital and have a viral test done for him. Ok, that can’t be too bad right?

At this point its nearly three in the afternoon and the lab at my doctor closes at 4:30 so reluctantly I tell Ty to drop me off and we’ll split ways. So I go in and wait. And wait. AND WAIT. And then a nurse comes out and is like “Ummm.. I’m having a hard time getting a hold of her (no idea who this her is but ok). It’ll just be a little longer.” Ok then. So I wait. And wait. AND GROW DECREPITLY OLD WAITING AND CONSIDER JUST ACCEPTING DEATH. So then she comes out again-and calls in a billion other people. So I just keep waiting. Then she comes out and is like “Yeah, so they didn’t think that you were going to come back today. Would you rather come back tomorrow so you don’t have to sit and wait forever?” Um, I don’t have a ride so I can just sit.. and wait.. I guess. So she goes back and I wait and wait and wait. Then she comes out and calls me. Its probably been a good hour almost hour and a half. The test I take literally takes less than a minute. Just a quick jab in the arm and one vial of blood and I’m free. So I text Ty and ask how things fair with him. Not well.

Apparently they have been waiting the whole time too. So I walk over to the hospital and as I’m only sitting down for a few minutes when the doctor comes and gets us and takes us up to the mother/fetal ward or whatever its called (OH MY GLOB SO MANY MEMORIES GUYSSSS). He pulls us into this side room up there and then does this horrible thing where he suctions all of Al’s boogers out of his nose. It was super sad to watch especially since his arms were pinned under him with a blanket. So that horrible bit went by and we got to finally end all of our terrible waiting and doctor visits (And I saw a newborn and it was all squishy and red and ahhhhh!). We went to the store and picked up some soy milk and pedialyte. We got home and I gave Al some of the pedialyte which he drank really well and a breadstick which he went to town on. I gave him a warm bath and took his temperature and it was down to a hundred so I’m hoping it will keep going down. Currently he’s passed out in bed the poor little thing.

We should both be getting our test results back tomorrow- Hopefully!! And thats all I really have to tell you about since we’ve all been too gross and tired to do anything really fun. So enjoy these pictures I leave you with.





And here’s a picture from tonight. Laying all sicky in bed while the Lorax plays in the background. Of course, he’s passed out hardcore now but you know.


Jello, Puff Balls, Bath Paint, and Forts Oh My

January 13th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hey. I’ve been informed I need to update this again and I feel inclined to agree. We’ve done a few things this month in terms of sensory. First off we did some jello play. I used sugar free jello since Al’s already a pill without having sugar stuffed into him. I was hoping he’d try to play with it more but he was more interested in trying to eat it (GAG). I was disappointed I couldn’t get it into shapes like you see people do. I think I put too thin a layer of it in the pan though and that was my problem. I don’t really know. I don’t like jello so I’ve never made it.


Then we went and played at the mall for a bit at the play place, which I love but I would love more if roaming screaming packs of older children didn’t run willy nilly not looking where they’re going and knocking over the smaller children. They’re not all like that and I understand kids are hyper but it sucks when your baby keeps getting knocked over. We still had fun though and Al seemed less nervous to approach people while we were there. I didn’t manage to get a good picture because he was constantly moving.


After that, we stayed up one night and using a variety of his toys built what I dubbed the Tower of Peril. It was a hit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid quite so happy tearing things apart.


Then to get back into more sensory play, I saved a milk jug and cut some holes in it for him to push puff balls into. Its good for his fine motor skills and its also a good puzzle for him with the multiple holes to put them into. I made the two holes different sizes so it would be different putting puff balls in them. He was pretty intrigued by it for a while but it didn’t keep him as busy as I had hoped it would.


This Friday in a fit of inspiration and boredom, I mixed up some homemade paint. It was supposed to be equal parts flour, salt, and water with a few drops of food coloring but unfortunately I didn’t have salt for the mix so it didn’t come out as good as I think it could have. Its ok though since we just used it in the tub. The one thing I found was that it should be only used on the sides of the tub since it made the bottom very slippery (which is kind of a duh moment, yeah, but mentally I haven’t been up to par lately and we’ll get to that later). He was more interested in trying to eat the mix then paint with it so it was mostly just me painting with it. I think he still had fun though.



Then the final thing we did was a blanket fort which was dubbed Fort Awesome. He had a lot of fun running through it and yelling but not as much fun as he had pulling all of the blankets down.


I’m really hoping we can get out of the house and do some fun stuff the end of this month but we’ll have to see what happens. I’m hoping a trip to the dinosaur museum at the very least. If anyone knows of any free museums or neat indoor places in my area, let me know. I think being stuck inside as much as I have been is getting to me.

I’m kind of in a mood. Eating gluten is destroying me but not in the ways I though it would. My skin is itchy and I’ve had a few hives but not the large patches of them I was getting before and I haven’t been as sick as I thought I would though the last few days I have felt like I’m on the verge of being sick. Mostly right now I just feel super tired and like there’s something wrong, like my brain is connected right to the rest of me and my limbs don’t move or sit right. I also keep getting the feeling like there’s something about to touch me on my shoulders and its super frustrating to feel on edge like that. My anxiety is definitely worse and so is my depression which really blows since thats not a state of mind I want to be in around my kid. I mean, right now its not to the point where its a problem but it sucks cause I lose motivation to do anything fun with him. I just want to sit on the couch with a show on which isn’t the type of parent I like being. I’m seriously just counting down the days until my doctors appointment. Even if the test for celiacs comes back negative I’m still quitting gluten because it is obviously doing something wrong to me. Anyway, thats enough whining about my medical issues.

Al’s been doing really good though. He’s starting to mimic the sounds of some words we say and I can get him to say “a dah” (a dog) sometimes along with “cat”. I’ve been good at reading to him consistently and we’ll sit down and look at his touch and feel usually at least once a day. He’s picked up his own sign language and knows how to sign for up, asking for something, and has really picked up on pointing and things he’s interested in or wants. I’m thinking we’re definitely not going to have to go to a speech therapist. He was having some stomach issues and ornery issues for a bit but I noticed one day when he was laying on his back and making noises two white dots in the back on his gums and low and behold, he has his first two molars in. They didn’t go as horribly as I had thought they would.

But the final thing I want to talk about is Khaleesi which is one of the things that is getting me down. My last two snails died which is REALLY weird since snails are pretty hardy and they died within a couple days of each other. Her tank needed some serious cleaning since I had to wait a few days to get the things I needed for her filter. When I started cleaning her tank yesterday I noticed white spots on her gills. After some extensive googling and forum visiting I figured out that she either has ick (I think thats how its spelled) or a parasite. I’m freaking out about it a bit since they can be hard to clear from tanks. I scrubbed her tank really good and I have a good amount of salt filtering through her tank right now to kill whatever it is off. I have to switch all that water out today back to normal water since salt water can be harmful to her. Currently she is residing in my fridge which freaks me out but will help to kill off whatever it is faster. I basically have to keep her in there until the white spots are gone which means that twice a day I have to give her a salt bath (just a small amount of salt in water and for only ten minutes at a time) and change her water out for fresh water. I’m really worried cause this is really stressful for axolotls and too much stress can hurt her/kill her. A lot of people probably think this is silly because she’s just an amphibian, but she’s my amphibian and I really, really care for her and if she dies I’m going to be very upset. So maybe if you could send some positive thoughts for her I would appreciate it.

Anyway, I’ll keep things updated as much I can and I’ll try not to slack. I’ve got a new class at the gym I’m hoping to try out tomorrow but I haven’t really planned any new activities for me and Al for the week. Hopefully I’ll come up with something soon. Until next time then.

Uhhhh Birthday At Last

January 5th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hey. First off, I’ve been busy. VERY BUSY. Having my heart broken. By TV. Don’t judge me. Second, I’m lazy so you can’t blame me for it taking me this long to get to these pictures. Anyway, enjoy some cake smash picture fun!






I didn’t get the full face plant or foot in cake that I had been hoping for but it was still a good time all around. I’m pretty sure I want to do it again next year. And of course, since I’m a stickler for dates I also got some actual birthday pictures of him. Enjoy those as well.



Well, this December has been eventful. Almost as eventful as our last December but without a baby being pulled from my insides. We learned that Al is not a fan of snow or of his dad holding down his mom in the snow while he white washes her and Al just stands on the sidewalk and screams at the top of his lungs while the neighbors are probably peeking out their curtains wondering what in the heck is going on outside. We learned the disastrous mistakes of doing about a billion presents in the span of three days which causes Al to tear through the living room yelling at the top of his lungs about who knows what while he simultaneously shakes a present in his angry baby fist. I also learned that he hates sledding. Absolutely hates it and its probably cause he hates snow. Its definitely been a fun learning time full of screaming. A lot of it.

But now we’re moving on to the new year, with new things, and new possibilities and more sensory play and more books and tv and nerdiness and stuff and timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly and no one getting that reference and thats fine, whatever. Of course, I foolishly made new years resolutions with the intention of keeping them and so far-SO FAR-I’m not doing shabby. Lets have a run through them, eh.

1. Read at least 2-3 books a month. In middle/high school and even for a while after marriage I would have EASILY done this but for the last couple years I have absolutely sucked at this junk. I haven’t read a whole lot of new stuff or even managed to get through any of my favorite books. So this year I’m going to be better. My big goal for this is to make it to 52 for the whole year and I really hope to make it. I’ll blog about the books as I go so you can know my innermost nerdy thoughts about what I read.

2. More exercise and better eating, all of it. I want to work myself up to going to the gym 5-6 days a week and as soon as my doctor appointment at the end of the month is done and over with I’m off gluten for good no matter what the results. I can’t argue with how I feel and when I eat gluten I’m itchy, gross, sick, and tired all of the time. Off of it I’m in a lot better mood, my depression is under better control, and I have WAY more energy. You can’t argue that nonsense.

3. More play, less TV. The last month I found myself turning on TV more than I normally would have because of my feeling worn down more often. Its ok to do that occasionally but it was starting to become an every day occurrence which is something I don’t want to be a habit.

Thats basically all I have. Mostly I just want to dispel this lazy thing I’ve developed and be a better mom, person, and human. I want to wake up in the morning and be ready to kick some ass and wear jeans instead of my give up on life pants. Its time to be a human being again and not a blob monster and THIS YEAR IT IS HAPPENING AH YEAAHHH. I also want to keep in contact with people more often and talk more. I know I’m a withdrawn hermit so if you ever feel like texting me random readers, do feel free cause I will answer but its more than likely I won’t make a first move to talk to you.

Arg, I can’t think of more to write on. I’ve got a lot of new activities planned for the next while and I want to write on all of them but other than that, SPRING GET HERE QUICK PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I MISS THE OUTDOORS. :(

So, thats it. Carry on until next time.