Water Beads and Stuff

February 19th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So there have been a couple things that have happened this week but before we delve into that, enjoy this hilarious picture of Al eating animal crackers.




Continuing on, this week we bought Al a potty (which isn’t something anyone wants to know usually but I think its hilariously cute). We’re not working on potty training him yet but just getting him used to having it around and sitting on it.




We didn’t do a whole lot sensory or play wise because I’ve been a tired (lazy) butt lately and I’ve been attempting (futilely) to actually keep my house clean but with a toddler that is apparently impossible. I’m so ready for winter to be over, that way even if the house is dirty at least I can open a window and let some fresh air in. In any case, I need to get some new ideas or at least work on some I’ve already have. Its just a matter of getting in a schedule of doing crap and getting other crap done.


Any way I did grab some aqua beads from the dollar store which were awesome but weird at the same time. Al thought they were some of the greatest things ever though.




Even after he got bored of just playing with them he still tried to do things like drive his cars through them. After we were done I died one of the jars of them red so I’ll see if he likes the colored ones any better.


Now to tell you once again about how freaking tired I am of winter and how it needs to freaking end right freaking now because I hate it so damned much. Honestly I am so so so tired of it and its making me crazy. I just want to get outside and work on my yard and plant things already. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. To alleviate some of the pain of being stuck indoors I’ve started some of my planting indoors. I bought myself another peace lily and I planted it in a big pot and replanted a couple of my other plants which I don’t know the names of in with it.





I’m also attempting to grow an avocado plant/tree. I have no huge hopes for this actually working out since I have no idea what I’ll do with the thing if it does sprout since I really don’t have room in my yard for another tree but if I can get it to grown that would still be pretty awesome. I also got a couple starts of spider plant from my mom I’m trying to get the roots to grow on better before I find a place to plant it permanently.



Of course, since I’m attempting avocado I also have to attempt lemon seeds since I have an abundance of lemons for some odd reason. I followed picture instructions so I’m not sure how well (or if even) getting lemon seeds to sprout will go but I’m feeling pretty hopeful since I love the smell of lemon and I’ll pretty much be ecstatic if I can get this to happen. The stones I laid across the top of the soil are pretty silly but in my wanderings I couldn’t find the tiny rocks-like the fish tank rocks-anywhere. If the seeds shoot up though I think it could look pretty.


Then finally, and probably most hippy ambitiously, my tomato starts! I went all out on these bad boys. I planted them in the bottom of an egg carton with a bottom layer of ground up egg shells which from what I read is super good for them and will help them grow and taste better. I had to ground my egg shells up in a coffee cup with a sturdy wooden spoon so needless to say they never got to a near powder-like quality. I’m holding my breath on getting a mortar and pestle soon so I can do more of this kind of stuff and it will make crumbling (or whatever the term is) my mint a lot easier this coming year. Anyway, that’s beside the point, just check out this awesome set up.


I’m so excited for these to start sprouting like you have no idea. I’m already planning planter boxes that I want to have built and where I want to plant everything this year, I’m just too excited about it! Its a good thing the backyard has a fence because I foresee me and Al being outside a ton come the spring.

That’s about whats going on though. If anyone has any suggestions for things to plant this year-not just garden things but flowers and houseplants too-message me and let me know because I’m always interested in trying to find a plant my over and under nurturing cannot kill. Until next week, adios amigos.

(PS, yeah I realize that half of these pictures are centered and half aren’t. I have no idea how to fix this nor the patience so pretend that they’re all aligned the same ok? Great.)



Happy Valentines Day Yo

February 13th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hey, I thought I’d get this out of the way for the week. Not a whole lot has been going on. We got through our week on our own without any issues. We never ended up doing anything seriously fun that last day (or since) but whatever right. We did use up the last of our sticky bubbles which kinda sucked since now we’re out but we had fun with them.


Anyway, those first few sentences are the most coherent thoughts I can come up with right now soooooo just enjoy these pictures of Al we did for Valentines Day. Yaaaaaaaayy.. blah.



Uncooperative baby was super ridiculous uncooperative. But he is cute so it works out. Anyway, next week something will happen yeah? Maybe. I don’t know.

My Week Alone

February 7th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So as most of you know I’ve been alone for this week since early Sunday morning. Its going surprisingly better than I expected it to. Al has been happier than whats been normal for him lately and we’ve been keeping plenty busy with going to the gym and some stuff I planned out for us. We never made it through all of the things I had planned but thats ok. Here’s what we have done.

Monday we made some homemade paints using cornstarch, sugar, water, and a little bit of salt. I actually made it on Sunday an stored it in the fridge. I’m thinking that might have been a mistake since it like turned into a flubber in the fridge and I kept trying to put water in it and heat it back up but it never got back to what it had been when I first made it. It didn’t paint well-or really at all-and he was way more interested in trying to eat it than try to paint with it.



Then, since that paint experiment failed so utterly, we tried another one that same night. It was a mix of ivory soap and water. It went better but he was a lot more interested in playing than painting. Another bad thing was it was kind of a pain in the butt to clean up. There’s still soap things floating in my tub.


Tuesday we tried out moon sand which kept him busy for a surprisingly long time. I was kinda disappointed that it didn’t mold as well as I had thought it would but ah well, at least he was amused.


Wednesday we did jello play which he was really, really into.


Aaaand thats all we did. Today it took a really long time to walk back from the gym then we went and visited with the neighbors so we didn’t do an activity. I’m thinking tomorrow we’ll do some finger painting or maybe try making some cloud dough. Right now he’s refusing to sleep on his own though so I have to cut off right now so I can take care of the dogs and everything before bed. So see you next week (maybe. You know me).