Sunny Days and Geekery Galore

March 17th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hello, hello, hello. Its been a bit since I’ve been in here and I do want to apologize. I attended a fun little shindig known as Drag queen bingo a couple not this last Friday but the one before that and unfortunately caught the cancerAids (a term known for what I also like to call the super-cold) from my friend who is constantly sick so I’ve been battling that off along with dealing with my double ear infection-ed/also sick/also teething baby. Its been a very busy while. So we haven’t done much in the way of actual sensory games but it has been so nice lately that we’ve been getting out and doing a lot. One day we went out and we cleared out our front garden of all the dead flowers and junk I let just sit there through the winter because I’m a bad homeowner (and I did have a young child I was still adjusting to having so gardening and yard work took a backseat to doing other things). Al as it turns out is a super helpful kid and thought raking was one of the funnest things ever. I’m hoping this trend continues into his teenage years cause I plan on becoming good at growing stuff which as we know results in a lot of yard work.


Besides that though, mostly we’ve just been walking basically everywhere and all the time like a champ in our baby chucks (converse). One of the best activities we managed to do while I was fighting off death was return to the duck park and actually feed ducks which I missed greatly and apparently so did Al since he joined the ducks in their meal of stale cheerios off the ground.



I guess its just how he does things ya know. Being one with nature and all that jazz. We went a second time too which is when we saw this pretty neat duck. I say its neat because its coloration is different than the normal mallard males that hang around and I’m thinking its got to be a mix of some sort. Its basically my new favorite duck.


I want to own that duck.

Anyway, as most of you know, I’m no stranger to the knowledge that my kid is hardcore and possibly one of the most fashionable dressers on the block. Sometimes I like to just take him out into the front yard and let him show the neighborhood how much better he is and being dressed than they are and also at riding a dino, because thats a pretty important skill in life.


You might as well admit right now you will never be that awesome. But right now I need you to mentally prepare yourself for these next few pictures. Just take a deep breathe and clear your mind. Ready?

Are you sure you’re ready?

I’m not sure you are.


All right here we go.

You asked for it.


BAM. Wasn’t expecting that were you. It just keeps getting awesome. (But for those non-geeky not in the know this is a cosplay of Link from the Legend of Zelda, you know.. that game I have a tattoo of my foot in honor of… the one I spent countless hours of my childhood [and adulthood] playing… that one that may one day engulf my entire leg and makes up like 50% of my shirt wardrobe… yeah) And thanks mom for making it :) I can’t wait for a more realistic version of it.





Not going to lie, having him dressed this way was a dream come true. My first thought when I found out I was having a boy (after Wait, is that right??) was “Oh, I can totally dress him up as Link!” and its always been my dream to have a kid as in love with those games as I am. So basically greatest time of my life ever. :)

Anyway, until next week then yeah?

5k, Book List, and What Have You

March 3rd, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hullo. So this post is a few days late which is something I did mean to so thanks for the patience. Recently I got signed up to run a 5k and I wanted to wait until it was absolutely official before I started really talking about it so nobody would be like “Oh you’re gonna run a 5k?!” and then I’d have to awkwardly explain that no, no I am not and that was just a flight of fool fancy but, alas, that is not the case and I am indeed going to be running (or in my case poorly jogging/walking) a 5k. I’m pretty excited about it truthfully. I never ever really saw myself as one of those people-you know, those actually in shape people-to be going out and doing all this impressive crap but there you go I guess. Last week I was getting up and jogging a mile in the morning and I’m doing pretty good at that, good enough that I would pass gym class if I was still in high school and tomorrow I’ll be bumping it up to a mile and a half. My plan is to just go up a half mile every week until I’m up to three then to just use the bit of time before the race getting better at that. Its not until May 11th so I have a pretty decent amount of time to do that. I’m still going to gym classes at least 5 times a week too so I think thats been really helping me keep my endurance up. So yeah, thats been pretty cool beans.

Al went to the library for the first time! He was kind of teething tired grouchy and wanted to be held the whole time which was kind of nice since it meant I didn’t have to chase him around the library the whole time and keep him from pulling down books all willy nilly. He didn’t check out a little kids book of his own but we did check out a book for me to read to him and to further my book challenge. So far we’ve read-


#1 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Douglas Adams

#2 Life, the Universe, and Everything, Douglas Adams

#3 So Long and Thanks For the Fish, Douglas Adams

#4 Homeland, R.A. Salvatore

#5 Mostly Harmless, Douglas Adams


#1 Exile, R.A. Salvatore

#2 Sojourn, R.A. Salvatore

#3 1984, George Orwell

#4 Ruins of Gorlan, John Flanagan

My goal was only three books a month so I’m kind of killing it at this challenge. We’re currently reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (which is a fun but morbid kids book) and The Count of Monte Cristo which might destroy my good streak with its length. Seriously I’m only five percent in it according to my kindle and I’ve read it for at least two and half to three hours. I’m definitely going to have to pad it with small books this month.

We also did more sensory play stuff finally. I filled a laundry basket with water beads, cotton balls, and rubber duckies and set him in it. He was not a fan of the cotton balls touching him really but I can’t say I blame him since they have a really gross feeling to them, but he enjoyed getting past them to the water beads.



That kept him busy for a good long time which was nice since with everything I’ve been up to lately I kind of need that mental break where I can just sit back and not engage mentally as much. I’m pretty sure I just need an IV filled with caffeine just permanently fixed to one of my veins.

Other than that we really haven’t been up to much this week. Just doing the normal usual stuff. I did make some rainbow spaghetti noodles and while they were pretty food-wise they were kind of an abomination. They definitely weren’t worth the gluten I ingested eating them and Al was like “Meh, I’d rather eat avocado than that mess”. Failed experiment was failed.

In exciting news my tomato plants sprouted and are flourishing! Unfortunately I haven’t taken a good picture of them yet but I will soon. I’m so excited to plant, nobody has any idea so if anyone has a suggestion on a vegetable, herb, or flower to plant please inbox me so I can start planning for it. This year I’m bound and determined to have a nice yard and garden so the neighbors can stop considering this the lazy white trash house. Its kind of like the determination I have to make the inside of the house less blah and unorganized and to get that freaking bedroom painted. So much hate for that bedroom seriously. If life was like a video game I would be out cutting so much grass right now just to get the money I need to do all this awesome insane stuff I want to do with my house but unfortunately video games set me up for financial failure in making me think money came so easily. Thanks Shigeru Miyamoto, you did this to me. How dare you sir. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked.

As for plans I’ve made for this week, I have made none except not get shin splints, jog, and listen to a lot of dubstep along with boil like a lobster in a hot tub at some point while my legs scream in agony for being so stupid awesome. I’m hoping inspiration will strike me for some sensory play ideas at some point in the week but I’m not holding my breath on it. You know how I do.

So I’ll update next week on my progress and whether or not I’m a good mom who finds time to play. Lates.