Dishes and Springtime

April 28th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hey there, I’m actually updating like a pro and you should be impressed by this. I finally got my life a bit more organized by completely cleaning out my omnifocus (which is a app on my ipad that tells me things that I need to get done in a certain day) and I think thats going to be really helpful for me on actually updating my blogs more than once a month so look forward to that. I had a crazy revelation yesterday that there is only two weeks left until the 5k and I am kind of freaking out for reasons I don’t even know. I’m not to where I wanted to be on jogging but if you look back to how I was this time last year I am SO much better. I’ve finally started keeping track of my inches and admitted to myself that there’s probably not much of a chance of me losing weight. In ten days time I’ve lost 4 inches around my waist, half an inch around my hips, and (and I keep thinking this has to be wrong cause it is such a HUGE difference) 12 freaking inches around my thigh. WHAT! So as you imagine even though my stamina is not what I want it to be I’m pretty impressed with those numbers. I honestly wish I would have started keeping track of my inches right after Al was born cause I know I’ve lost a ton of them and that would be awesome to look back and be like ah, yeah I am good at this exercise thing. I’ll have to start sharing some of the exercises that have been working for me but for now, I’m just going to leave it at this.

So we’ve started up more on sensory games and I’m starting to feel like I’m breaking out of my slump on them. I had a ton of dishes to do the other day cause I’m a lazy turd and I figured maybe Al would like to try to do some (pretend ones that is). I filled up his little container with warm water and a little bit of soap and gave him a paper towel. Turns out he’s not big into the idea of doing dishes. He likes the idea of covering the kitchen in water a lot better.


I’m really excited about the fact that its getting warm enough to do outside play. It was hot enough the other day that I took him out in his swimsuit and let him play with bubbles and the hose. He really liked it and I think its going to be a pretty great day in our house when we finally get a swimming pool.



Unfortunately with the temperature change also came what looked to be a heat rash. It didn’t seem to bother him much but I still gave him a few oatmeal baths. I figured that would be a good way to do some sensory play and Al decided that would be a good way to practice his primal screaming.


Other than that, we have the sticky bubbles again so that should be fun. I really want to get a bubble photo shoot done of him this spring cause I think it would be ridiculous cute. We made our own bubbles yesterday with water, corn syrup, and dish soap. They weren’t too impressive yesterday but seemed to work better this morning. I put more corn syrup into them to see if that will help them to be less pop-able so we’ll have to keep trying those out this week.

My book challenge is still going good. I’m STILL reading count of Monte Cristo (but I expect to finish it this week) so we’re still using the Lemony Snicket books as filler. I’m on 8 right now and I have to say for childrens books they’re really great. I’m not sure I’ll tackle another large book for at least a month so my brain can recover.

Other than that, I have nothing else to report so I guess we’ll see ya next week.

All of April Basically

April 21st, 2013 by KellyJoe

So apparently I haven’t written in here in like two+ weeks. My bad. I haven’t been feeling like I have much to talk about even though I sort of, kinda did. I’m pretty sure the constantly changing weather is making my brain freak out. You know how it goes. Anyway, lets get into it.

At the beginning of the month, Al got chalk for Easter and he seems to draw better with it than anything else that I’ve given him though he still loses interest in it pretty fast like most other activities I show him.


We played outside when the weather permitted which was basically the greatest. I’m really not looking forward to next winter at all. Going outside with Al is way too much fun to be trapped indoors because of the cold.



He wanted to wear a bandana like me, haha.

We finally made it to a museum. We went over to the free dinosaur exhibit they had at BYU which was a lot less disappointing than their egg hunt. They had little touch and feel things set up and Al loved that though apparently he likes rough textures and doesn’t like smooth so that was a fun thing to learn about him. He seemed the most interested in the Dimetrodon out of all the dinosaurs but there’s a pretty good chance he was overwhelmed by it all too.



And for fun here’s these pictures cause I think he’s adorable in them.




Yesterday we went to the color festival. I didn’t take Al with me because I was thinking he was too small which wouldn’t have been a correct assumption had it not been raining but as it was and it was pretty cold I’m glad I didn’t. I did see a lot of little kids in backpacks like the one we have for him though and around his age but he doesn’t hold heat well so I’m glad he could go with Ty to a dog adoption instead. It sounds like he had a lot more fun there than he would have with me out being a hippy.

IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4643 IMG_4646 IMG_4645 IMG_4647

After that we went and saw the Up house which was awesome and I totally want to get real pictures done at.

IMG_4648 IMG_4649 IMG_4650

I apparently need to clean my camera lense after the festival. Thats what we’ve been up to though this month. I’ll be better about updating (HAHAHAHAHA) from now on.

Easter and Such

April 1st, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hey-o. I think this may be a week late. Probably but I don’t really know. Anywho, not much to report on this end. No new sensory play things, new words, or any major developments. We’ve mostly been going to the library a lot and playing outside since the weather has been so nice. He’s been a handy little help by becoming obsessed with picking up rocks and putting them into a bucket and helping me dig up weeds. Unfortunately he also helps pick up dog poop but hasn’t got the memo that using his hands his not okay. Yeah, gag.

Other than that though, not much. I’m kind of feeling like I’m in a sensory game slump and I really need to get back into it. I’m just a little burnt out trying to keep up with everything I think since I’m also quitting gluten again for like the umpteenth time because I have problems called ‘I’m a dummy who assumes I can get away with eating things I’m allergic to blah’. Enough of that business though since I did actually get something done that needed to be done which is I painted my mother effin’ bedroom. All the way too so now we just have to get the sockets replaced, the heater vents replaced, and the door on and we can live it in again and not like house wandering hobo’s. I don’t have any pictures of the new colors but if I remember I’ll get some up when we get moved back in.

So since this was Easter weekend, we thought it would be fun to take Al to an egg hunt and they were having one over at BYU. Yeah, we will never ever do that again. For one thing we had to wait an hour for it to start and with a toddler that just does not work since there’s a whole not having patience thing. So after waiting for forever I notice that people are starting to ring pretty tight around the egg hunt area so we took Al to go stand over by them so Al would have an easier time getting to the eggs. So the crowd starts getting pretty tight and Al starts getting pretty pissed off cause he just wants to get down and pick up eggs but its still not time yet and my crowd anxiety starts acting up and starting to get ornery then finally someone yells go and its like the floodgates are opening. I started to bend down to put Al on the ground and I almost got plowed over by a whole bunch of parents running forward to pick up eggs for their kids. Not only are the parents running out there but there are older kids (this was the 0-3 egg hunt) running out there. I couldn’t put Al down and I couldn’t even get past anyone. I’ve been in concert crowds less pushy and awful than that so I turned around with Al screaming his head off and completely pissed off. Thankfully a lady was nice enough to give him one of her kids eggs so he would be happy but the egg hunt was absolute madness. We just waited till the next day and hid boiled eggs in our backyard. He wasn’t so much into the finding and collecting them as he was into the finding them and breaking them open in various ways.


I definitely plan on doing something similar next year for him rather than going out and trying to do it at an event.

Anyway, thats all I have to talk about. I’ll try to keep up on here better and not be so exhausted and blah.