My first 5k and what not

May 19th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Yo. So I skipped writing last Sunday since I was kind of busy being in Arizona and all but now I’m back and its back to being a human who does things. The race went pretty well and it certainly wasn’t one to take seriously but it was a ton of fun. I’m looking forward to next year especially now that I know how things go down with it. I definitely need to come up with a good way to carry my camera without it getting super soaked with color. Anyway, here are some pictures, enjoy.



I really want to do another 5k so I stay motivated to keep jogging so if you really love me and want to contribute to my healthy lifestyle, my birthdays coming up and I’d totally love some money to do the Bark in the Park 5k. Here’s a link if you’d like to check that and honestly anyone who reads this should go there anyway even if you’re not going to be running or walking because its ridiculous fun. (We went while I was prego and did pictures for them).

5k info and junk

Its been nice being back home though and with the kiddo. We played with more shaving cream, went swimming in his little kid pool, and went to the library. Yesterday we went and saw some relatives at a birthday party and then we went and hit up the NICU graduation party. He played with a little boy there who was a month older than him and won himself a ball playing the duck pond game.


Then today we went on a long walk around the duck park and I found a robin egg which was cool. We went up to Cabela’s and looked at all the fish, fed the ones in the small pond thing, and got Al a new sun hat since he lost his old one. It was a lot of fun and Al really enjoyed looking at the fish even though their kind of sad fishes. But it was free and you can’t beat free entertainment for a toddler.

I don’t really have anything planned this week except to get back in the groove of things around this place and get back to jogging. So we’ll see how that goes.

Shaving Cream Fun

May 5th, 2013 by KellyJoe

This week we played with shaving cream and it was a lot more fun then you would really think. I put some food coloring in to make it extra fun. Weirdly he didn’t want to touch it with his hands but he was perfectly cool with putting his head in it. I had a huge amount in my hand and he slowly lowered his head down until it was in it. Soo.. That happened and I didn’t know what to think.




So that was the one actual sensory play we got in this week but we got a little kid pool so hopefully that will bump us to doing more things. That’s all I have to talk about now. Next week 5k and mothers day so yay on that.