Dry bean sensory play and Dinosaurs

August 26th, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hello, sorry I didn’t write last week, I suck I know lets move on.

So I stopped being a lazy butt for five minutes and I set up a sound sensory play for Al. I gave him a bunch of dry beans and different containers to dump them in and move them around to and from. He was super into it and I eventually just let him throw beans on the floor so he could hear the sounds the made doing that and see gravity in action. He really really enjoyed himself.



A couple days after that I did a new much more tasty sensory play and made him some cool whip paint. He had no interest in painting with it whatsoever.




On the weekend we went and spent time with cousins for one of their birthdays. We got to play on this weird old merry go round that I never even knew existed.



Poor kid tried to get off by himself and then it thundered really hard and he fell and got a bloody nose.

The next day we got back to our roots and went and fed ducks in the park. Weirdly I didn’t take any pictures of that but I did get this adorable picture.


Ty cut up the first watermelon in our garden but unfortunately he did it too soon. Al didn’t seem to mind.



And we finally got to go to the fancy dinosaur museum. It was a lot of fun even though we went on a discount night so there were a bunch of people there and it was a bit crowded. I didn’t get nearly as many pictures because of that but Al still had a great time especially getting to look at the prehistoric fish.




I’m hoping to go again on a less crowded night so Al can spend more time at the exhibits.

And now we’re all caught up. I have another doctors appointment this week so I’ll try to update everyone on that. Al sleeping in his own bed is going really well. He sleeps through the night now with the exception of this last Saturday night. We had to take him to the doctor on Friday to see if he had a uti or some sort of infection because he was acting strange and when they took his temperature he had a low grade fever. They did a pee sample though and nothing came up so we never found out what was wrong. He’s been acting fairly normal since yesterday morning and today so I’m hoping it was just something small and it gone already.

So that’s all thats been going on. I won’t make any promises to update next Monday because we all know I’m a liar.

Feral Baby Update

August 11th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So I’m prego lazy, I think that is now established but I am on the ball this week so that’s something. Well my appointment from last week went pretty good. The doctor had a hard time finding the heart beat with the doppler and finally just gave up and did a quick ultrasound but everything looked good besides the fact that I am apparently growing a feral baby that’s just in there kicking and punching everything around it. My next appointment is at 18 weeks so I don’t think we’ll be doing a gender scan then but I’m not sure. If that’s the case I could really use a babysitter for wednesday the 28th. If no one can do it that’s ok but its kinda hard to concentrate on the what the doctor is saying when your son has a fear of people in scrubs and is loudly telling him about how he’s not okay with anything going on in that exam room.

I managed to fight back my exhaustion a bit and get Al to the park to play for a while before the heat destroyed me. He tried to walk a ladies newfoundland who was hanging out at the park and luckily it wasn’t a runner cause somehow I don’t think he would have survived being drug by a dog a thousand times his size.


He also started sleeping in his own bed this week. So far he’s slept in there four nights and he’s done pretty good for a kid whose never slept on his own. The first night he was awake from ten to almost midnight not wanting to sleep, second night he woke up three or four times but went down really easy every time, third night he surprisingly slept the whole night from a little after 8 to almost 7 and that was incredible, and last night he woke up at a ridiculous hour so Ty just went and laid down with him. Hopefully tonight he does really good again.


Thankfully he really likes his bed. He also really likes green smoothies.


And so basically that’s it for these last two weeks. Maybe something will happen and I’ll stop being prego lazy but I wouldn’t count on it.