Aviary Fun and Stuff

September 22nd, 2013 by KellyJoe


So we found out  we’re having another boy and we have finally settled on a name: Finn Alden. I have another appointment coming up this week so I’ll make sure to post how that goes and then we’ll have a due date pinned down for this.


We got Al a trike and he loves it even though he hasn’t quite figured out how the pedals work yet. He’d much rather go for a bike ride on Ty’s bike.

I finally got more sensory play in and built Al a little dinosaur/ocean world in his kiddie pool. I wish I had sand instead of bricks and rocks but I had to work with what I had. He wasn’t so much into it when all the toys were in it because I think he was overwhelmed by how much there was to play with since they were all new toys I had just picked up that day but he got into it when I removed most of them from the area.


I got more sensory play in, in the form of moon sand. I made some and in the spirit of fall I also made it pumpkin scented and put orange sprinkles in it since I didn’t have anything to color it orange with. Al was super into playing with and making a mess which makes a lot of sense with him.



Ty got a bike seat for his new bike so Al can go on bike rids with him which has quickly become his favorite thing to do in the whole world and now he’ll even go and get his helmet for it to be put on.


Then yesterday we went on a fun day trip to the aviary with grandma, Aunt Jamie, and the cousins.




After that we stopped in at Strut Your Mutt and saw a million dogs then we went and played at the park and hung out at Cabela’s. It was a super good time and he had a lot of fun. I also learned that apparently he can point out a lot more of his body parts than I ever knew while I was trying to keep him distracted in the cart. He’s started trying to say more words like snake, nose, and eyes but he hasn’t got pronouncing the end of them down yet. He seems to more of a thinker than a talker and thats fine.

Well, thats all for this week. I’ll update on my doctor appointment next week and let everyone know how things are coming along. Make sure everyone lets me know in some way if you’re coming to the baby bbq and if you’re being anyone or anything so I know how much food to buy. Thanks!

Feral Update and Snake Skins

September 2nd, 2013 by KellyJoe

Hola compadres. Well, its been a long week or so it feels. Al’s either hit a new horrible stage where everything is dirt balls and must be yelled at or he’s finally getting in his last molars. I’m not sure which but either way its been tiring.

On Monday he had a late nap so we did a pre-bedtime trip to the park which turned out really awesome since we found a completely intact snake skin. I’m not entirely sure what Al thought of it since he soon tore it in half and attempted to throw it in the river.


Besides playing at the park we haven’t done too much this week, and nothing sensory game wise. We did go to a bbq and he had a lot of fun there playing in peoples dirt and making a general mess of himself while offering strangers the wonderful gift of cat poo he happened to find. He’s decided that the ocean is about the neatest thing ever so the only things we watch now are ocean documentaries and the American version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy because he likes the singing dolphins at the first of it. I can’t complain because at least he isn’t into the super annoying kids cartoons yet.

We had our doctor appointment on Wednesday for byte (feral baby) and everything’s looking good. We finally got to hear the heartbeat and its good and strong. It seems that now that we’ve gotten to hear that, Byte decided its time to make themselves perfectly known and has been kickboxing all of my insides the last few days though they’re still not big enough to move the outside of my stomach around or be felt from the outside. We have our ultrasound appointment set up and it will be next week on Monday. We’re still looking for a babysitter for that day if anyone is interested in helping out or can. If not, we’ll just take a lot of fruit snacks with us and hope that will keep him calm through it.

And on a final note, is it fall yet?? Cause it really, really should be.