Bird Feeders and Cloth Diapers

November 18th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So not a lot around here. Al’s ear infection didn’t quite clear up with the third round of antibiotics so we had to do two shots. That finally managed to clear it up  but we still got referred to a ENT who we saw this morning. He said that both of Al’s ears are looking good and we should go ahead and not worry about doing tubes unless he gets another ear infection this winter so fingers crossed they stay infection free because honestly tubes sound HORRIBLE to do and I don’t wanna.

My ultrasound went really good and we got to see Finn’s face really clearly even if it does appear that he may be a grouchy butt and also a thumb sucker. This might be the child where we have to actually wean them off the binky so that could be an interesting learning experience. My next doctor appointment isn’t until the first of December so I’ll have no new updates until then.

We haven’t done a ton of new things. Mostly we’ve just played at the park a lot of outside in the leaves. I really need to get to the dollar store and get some new sensory play stuff. We did cut a pumpkin in half and play in its guts before making it and some pine cones into bird feeders that were placed outside and super ignored by all the neighborhood birds because apparently our bird feeders are just not good enough for them.





He’s also recently learned how to be fabulous.


But mostly we just played outside a lot. You know, digging at logs and biting sticks in half. That kind of stuff.



And we started cloth diapering, which has actually been incredibly great! Its a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and we haven’t had a ton problems. No leaks though I have noticed I have to change him more often to keep him from getting red but whatever, thats totally fine cause its not like its costing me any money. And its freaking adorable.



And that’s all for now. December as we all know is going to be insanely busy so I should have a ton to write about there and there’s also Thanksgiving so that will be good even if this year I can’t eat a lot of the things I normally would during it. Ah well. I’ll try to keep up on this though but we’ll have to see how things go especially with my due date rushing at me.


Halloween and November Kick Off

November 4th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So we’ve kind of had a tough week. All three of us have been battling illness and it has majorly sucked to the max. First off, I suspected Al’s last ear infections didn’t clear up so we went back to the doctor and lo and behold, he still had a double ear infection so we’re on round 3 of antibiotics for him which he has not been happy about doing at all. We still got a few fun things in at least though. We carved a pumpkin together, and by that I mean I carved it and he played with its guts.





He wasn’t super happy about the fact we put it outside though. Apparently jack-o-lanterns are inside pets.

Unfortunately the day before Halloween, Al got super sick with a stomach virus and he ended up puking most the night so on Halloween he wasn’t really up to doing anything. We went outside and walked around a bit with him in his costume but he was too sick to go trick-r-treating or anything. It was a little disappointing but at least he’s not old enough yet for it to be really upsetting.


Thankfully I had already gotten nice pictures of him in his costume earlier in the month.

The night after that me and Ty both caught his stomach virus and we got super jacked up from it. It was definitely rough stuff. Ty’s feeling better now but I’m still in recovery mode with a sensitive stomach and achey bones. Being sick seems to have also moved Finn around and he’s been crushing random things inside of me which has not felt great at all. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have enough stamina to do yoga so maybe I can get him back to being centered cause he is currently shoved into my  left side and it does not feel great. But on a happy note, I got my results from the glucose test and I am not diabetic so hooray! That gives me a better chance at having another tiny baby which is very, very good news for me.

I’m supposed to be getting another ultrasound soon also but I haven’t heard anything on whether or not they scheduled it for me so I got to give them a call tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it scheduled before the month ends because December is way too insane of a month already without adding another appointment for something on top of everything else.

And thats about all my tired and ill brain can think to write about so I’m gonna cut it off here.