Al’s 2nd Birthday and Stuff

December 22nd, 2013 by KellyJoe

Sorry for the gap but things have been hectic s everyone knows and there will certainly be a lot of pictures in this post to show it. Mainly I’ve just been trying to keep my sanity intact as we reach the end of this pregnancy. I was doing fine up until a few days ago when my body suddenly realized just how pregnant it was and decided to start really, really feeling it so that has not been a barrel full of laughs. If I could just stuff my gullet full of food and hibernate till the end of this pregnancy I would do it without even thinking, I feel like I want to do nothing but sleep and eat anyways.

So I had a 34 week checkup and the doctor said that everything is looking good and that I’m measuring on time and he’s still got his fingers crossed for a small baby. I have another checkup at 36 weeks and that’s when they’ll start checking for dilation and all that jazz. I’m pretty optimistic that Finn is going to come early based on how I’ve been feeling lately. I have BH contractions fairly often (none painful or in a regular pattern thank Odin) but often enough that they are annoying the crap out of me. Especially when I’m bent over doing something and then one hits and I’m just like “Ah jeez, tightness everywherrrrrre”. Not fun.

Al had his two year checkup and he did insanely good with his doctor especially considering he’s usually filled with rage at him before he even starts doing any of the examinations. He’s doing really good and hasn’t got another ear infection like I feared so hopefully we can just keep it that way until spring so they stop considering tubes for him. He 33 in. tall and 21 pounds which is actually pretty cool since he’s now in the 3rd percentile for weight which is the highest percentile he’s been so far. So things are looking good there if he can just remain un-sick.

We had some more play dough fun times since I had to throw his pumpkin scented play dough out for being filled with dog hair and I decided to give lavender scented a try in the hopes that it would help calm him down lately since he’s morphed into a ridiculous hyperactive demon child who can’t calm down ever for anything. Long story short, didn’t work but he still loved it. I even put actual lavender in it for more texture.



Since this was on the week I was on my own I was basically scrabbling for anything new that might keep Al entertained for more than 5 minutes and help me not toss him at traveling gypsy caravans. I thought painting might be a good idea and I even took it to the next level and cut the paper into the shapes of fish. As it turns out he’s not so much a traditional kind of painter who likes to have a regular kind of canvas. No no, his flesh is much more preferable to paper cut into amusing shapes. We started out nice-


And then it started to deteriorate..


Still not so bad..




But at the end of that painting session where I had to clean paint off the wall, my fish tank, my son, and myself we came out with these very beautiful fridge fishes. Don’t mind all the other crap that also lives on my fridge.


Then we had Al’s 2nd birthday party which was super awesome even if the ball pit needed way more balls than what I bought. I would also like to thank everyone who came to that! Now enjoy a thousand pictures.








I didn’t put pictures of him and everyone up because there are so many and I wasn’t sure who wanted to be on the internet.

We did some day after pictures also when he was happier and more inclined to hold still.






After that we put up the Christmas tree but I haven’t managed to get a really good picture of that yet because this kid doesn’t know how to hold still.



We also took him to get pictures done at target for his birthday and they did a pretty good job but I already put my favorites of those up on facebook so I’m not gonna put any on here. We went and saw zoo lights too but the pictures are still on the big camera so I will put those on next time. We went and saw Santa there and Al was pretty stoked about it. He sat and babbled at him and pointed at his tree and presents. We didn’t manage to get a picture of him actually smiling at the camera because he was so chatty and looking around but I’m glad that he at least liked him and it wasn’t a traumatizing experience for us.

So thats all for this week but I’ll be posting about Christmas soon.

November Ending, December Beginning

December 10th, 2013 by KellyJoe

So apparently I’ve fallen pretty far behind and not even realized it. Whoops, my bad. You probably should expect a lot of pictures with this one.

I did have another doctors appointment and it went well though my blood pressure was a little higher than normal but it was still in an acceptable range so no big deal unless it continues to climb. Other than that everything is looking good and I’m pretty sure this kid is still going to come out fighting and trying to claw peoples eyes out. Or he’s going to come out with hiccups which he has like 80% of the time I’m awake. Either way really.

So still November, we managed to get some outside play in before the world turned into the desolate frozen wasteland it now is. First we explored what logs were like when they start decomposing which he was super into since it gave him lot of interesting things to drive his truck over-


We managed to get a walk in-


And we practiced our balance on some logs we found.


Then we got some new sensory play in with a lucky bowl of acorns I have sitting on my fridge awaiting a new owner. He practiced scooping them and moving them between a plastic bowl, a glass bowl, and a metal pan which lasted for a whole five minutes before his destructive nature kicked in and he just spilled them all over the kitchen and practiced kicking them and feeding them to dinosaurs. At least he had fun.


We celebrated Thanksgiving which was a lot of fun even though Al suddenly turned into a picky eater and didn’t feel like really eating anything that day that wasn’t black olives or cherries off of pie. We also celebrated Morgan’s birthday.


He loves Hoocher-


And getting himself cheerios in the morning-




And that does it for November, on to December. At first Al didn’t know exactly how much he liked the snow which is a big improvement from last year where he thought the snow was a murderous beast out to kill his family and orphan him.


He had to go inside for a while and make fake christmas tree ornaments until he decided exactly how he felt about outside-


Then he had to model for a while-



Then he finally decided that snow wasn’t his enemy so much as it might be his canvas so I armed him with a bottle of red food coloring and let him turn the snow in our backyard into something that closely resembled a bad christmas horror movie. At least in a small way since he still wouldn’t really walk out into it.




After that things got a bit hazy and I’m not even sure what happened to cause this-


Then finally today we got around to decorating our fake christmas tree since our real one is still outside and probably frozen. It doesn’t get to live indoors until after his party for the sake of having room in our already cramped house.



He was being too antsy to actually stand by the tree and pose once it was finished. Its a little sad since he destroyed most of his ornaments while in the process of coloring them but whatever. There was also a mix up of where the ornaments were supposed to stick since in his mind anything sticky gets put on your stomach under your shirt for safe keeping.

So that was insanely long and full of pictures. I definitely got to keep up these coming weeks since there’s so much happening with his party, and actually christmas decorating, and his actual birthday, then I have a doctor’s appointment and he has a doctors appointment and then its Christmas and hopefully not too horribly long after that its baby time. So effin’ busy.