The Birth of Finn Alden

January 27th, 2014 by KellyJoe


Tuesday I went in because I had lost my mucous plug and was having regular contractions and even though they weren’t painful I was told that I shouldn’t hesitate to go in since VBAC’s can be risky and they wanted to keep a close eye on everything. They kept me and monitored me for an hour before sending me back home telling me I was in prelabor. So we waited all through Wednesday with regular contractions and Al went home with my mom because we kept thinking any minute now but we ended up waiting until Friday when my contractions finally picked up and got closer together and more painful. We went in to monitored for labor again around 4 pm and once again after the hour was over went were sent home with instructions to wait for more painful contractions. So we went home and thinking that I had until the next day I took all the clothes that still fit me and threw them in the washer since they had all been worn and thinking that I would have plenty of time. Then I made a sandwich, ate it, and sat down on my yoga ball. I rolled around on it for around ten minutes then went to go down into a squat because my back was hurting and leaning back on it helps relieve back pain when I felt a POP and a gush come out. So I stood there for a minute thinking that at any moment my water would stop coming out until Ty told me to get off the carpet and find clothes so I could get in the car. So I went and stood in the tub while he found me one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers and shorts. Unfortunately all my bra’s were in the washer. I was still gushing water out randomly and that’s how I noticed that my water was tinged green and had odd colored chunks in it which for those of you don’t know means that Finn had a bowel movement which I had thought before was an emergency situation and put me at an increased risk, which I already was.

So I went and got in the car after putting on the biggest pad I could find and we drove over the hospital. I started in on my own while Ty grabbed some stuff and felt super self conscious while I was trying to pin my boobs down to my chest, not cry from the now painful contractions, and try to waddle in such a way that my water that was still coming out wouldn’t go gushing down my legs. This was made extra weird by the two guys who got on the elevator with us and also went up to labor and delivery for a visit.

We get in labor and delivery and get all checked in and hooked up to the baby monitor and contraction monitor. The nurse checks me and I’m only dilated to 2 and 80 percent effaced. So I have them bring me a labor ball and I try to use it for a while but my contractions are getting super bad and its getting to where I don’t want to even live through them, let alone move around through them but I keep on trying while Ty coaches me. Then they came in and tried to placed my IV which turned into one of my personal nightmares where I ended up getting stuck 6 times and having my veins repeatedly collapse and junk, even with them using their nifty vein finder. My arms currently look like I was beaten. They finally had the anesthesiologist come in and use a needle they don’t usually use and it finally stayed in. After that they hooked the baby/contraction monitor up to a mobile one so I could walk around the halls. So I got up and walked laps for a while and tried my very very hardest not to be a little bitch (bluntly put) every time I got a contraction. After around an hour of that they had me go back in the room to get my epidural placed and that was the second coming of another personal nightmare. With Al the epidural was uncomfortable and scary, with Finn the epidural was insanely painful and terrifying. Every time he jammed the thing in I would involuntarily cry out and try to move away because it hurt so bad and I ended up having to be numbed twice. My plan of going unmedicated flew right out the window with a big ol’ nope after that and I had them administer it which was wonderful because my labor was insanely long and contrary to previous beliefs of me not being able to have pitocin they ended up giving me some because I was simply not progressing fast enough for my situation. I managed to grab sleep and they checked me a few hours later and I was only dilated to a four. Things weren’t looking good now that it was Saturday morning and had been nearly 12 hours. I had basically given up hope of having a vaginal birth at that point but then they came in not so long later and check and I was a 6/7. In my family that is where things start going fast and I was not let down. Barely any time after that I was a 9 and he was moving down and getting ready. A little before 12 they told me I was at a 10 and he was in the 0 station and the doctor was gonna come in and check things out.

So then he comes in and checks things out and tells me that I can start pushing when the nurses come back (they had left the room for a moment) and so we wait. They came back in about 12:10 and the nurse starts telling me about how it’ll take 1-2 hours to push him out so I gear myself up for a long time of pushing which turned out to not be something I needed to do. He was pushed out within 20 minutes. The NICU team had been standing nearby to clear him completely of all the junk that had been in the water with him and immediately after that I got to hold him skin to skin. The actual birthing part which was the part I had been worrying about most turned out to be the easiest part of it.

That’s not to say I haven’t had some weird things happening like the fact that my epidural didn’t wear off all the way in my right foot (still hasn’t..) and my hips are super sore and I have to walk like I’ve been hit by a car because I can’t walk normal but all of that is still preferable to a c-section by a lot.

Finn’s first night went well and he was a very mellow child the times he had to lay on his own in his bassinet. They checked his bilirubin though and it was really high and he came up coombs positive which meant that his blood type and mine weren’t compatible so he had to spend all his time under the lights after that except for feedings until a little before we were released today. We have to go back in the morning and have his levels checked again to make sure they’re not climbing back up but I have a lot of positive thoughts that they won’t since he had a ridiculous amount of poopy diapers since coming home.

All four of us are together now plus the dogs and we all are doing well. I’m sure it will take a while to fall into a good corresponding schedule but so far Al has tried to be a helpful big brother.






Christmas pictures and what not.

January 17th, 2014 by KellyJoe

So it took a while to get to taking the pictures off of the camera which wasn’t what I was expecting so here are some really, really late pictures from the end of December including Santa at zoo lights and christmas ones.






Thats not the best one of him with santa but for some reason that’s the only one I can find in my files.







Sadly for the last couple weeks we haven’t really done anything fun or new because I’ve been feeling pretty pregtastic. That feeling has worn off a little now that Finn has dropped but I still haven’t worked up anything since I’m basically just sitting around waiting for labor all the time right now. I had a doctors appointment today and I have dilated to a 1 and almost a half and I got my membranes stripped which was not a fun experience in the least so hopefully labor will happen soon and even if it doesn’t hopefully my body will be encouraged to be even more dilated by my next appointment.

Al had his speech therapy appointments and they seem to have gone well. He qualifies for the early intervention program so we’ll see what happens with that and hopefully we can get him to start using more words.

Thats basically everything for now, hopefully there will be good news this week.