Easter Fun and Finn’s 3 Months

April 30th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Hello all. So recently it was Easter. We took Al to an egg hunt at the park. He had a lot of fun and it was a LOT better than last years egg hunt where he was very nearly murdered by egg hungry adults. He won a toy, a bunch of candy, and a little bit of change. He was pretty excited about the toy.




We colored eggs at grandmas house and then I hid them around the yard so he could have an egg hunt on his own which I thought would be fun. After all the eggs were found he lost interest in the idea of gathering them again and thought it was a lot funner just smashing them.







Finn turned 3 months! He’s starting to develop a really funny personality and likes to “talk” back when you talk to him and has been putting weight on his legs. He prefers to stand rather than sit most the time and I get the feeling he’s going to be an early walker (Odin help me). I took the camera outback and did his 3 month photo’s myself. I’m still trying to decide if I want to get his 6 months actually professionally done or not, but I get the feeling I’ll just do them.












Al got some sensory play in. We practiced moving water beads around.



And we painted outside!


Then yesterday we played a sorting game where he sorted popsicle sticks by their colors. He actually did surprisingly better than I thought he would and had a lot more fun playing it than I expected. Finn seemed to have a good time just watching.



Its part of a new thing I’m trying out where I do themed crafts/games every week to help Al with his vocabulary. This is kind of a practice run week since we missed Monday and will most likely miss Friday. This weeks theme was colors, and today for it we played with colored vinegar and baking soda again though this time we took the mess outside so it wasn’t as rough on me. He wasn’t such a big fan of it today and was much more interested in playing with the hose.

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to make this more of a weekly thing now but you should never get your hopes up.

Sensory Play Everywhere

April 15th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Hello! So we’ve been keeping busy. We’ve gotten in a decent amount of sensory play and I’ve been trying to encourage a lot of pretend play with Al as per the suggestion of his speech therapist. He’s not big on mimicking animal noises or anything but he has started making fake eating/drinking noises pretty consistently though not when I make them at him, just on his own the stink.

Honestly the thing I look for most in the stuff we do is something that will wear him the heck out and because he enjoys moving/jumping/running so much I thought making a slide of couch cushions, pillows, and blankets could be a fun game. To encourage words with him I’d sit and ask him if he was going to roll or jump or slide, though I only asked him two at a time. He normally picked jump.



Finn doesn’t know what he thinks.

We got some creative sensory play in while Finn napped mixed up some cornstarch and water and added food coloring. As it turns out I still hate the feel of cornstarch. It’s super gross but Al still had a really fun time trying to mix it up and painting in it.



Among all the fun my kids did have their grump moments.




Don’t let that fool you, that’s actually a fake cry face.

My dad came and stayed with us for a couple days which was fun since the kids don’t get to see him often. We had other visitors at the same time. We were sitting in the living room when we heard some squeaking noises. Dad looked at me and said that it sounded like turkeys so I went outside to look and these cuties were hanging out.



This morning we got more sensory play in that even Finn kind of got to join in. I set up a tray of baking soda and some containers with colored food coloring. I gave Al a dropping but he preferred to put his hands all over in everything instead. Finn hung out in the bumbo and played with some of the empty silicone cupcake molds.







This is DEFINITELY becoming an outside game. MOST DEFINITELY.

Anyway, that is all for this week (couple weeks? How long has it been even..?) and I’m hoping to do my next post on time. Maybe, we’ll see.

Cemetary Pictures and Finn at 2 Months

April 1st, 2014 by KellyJoe

So this is a bit late but honestly there hasn’t been a whole lot though I finally got the pictures of the awesome graveyard ready to be put up.


The Haws graves were my favorite but also the saddest. They had two sets of twins and two singles all die at a young age.





But these are by far my favorite headstones because they are made of wood which I thought was crazy!


There are seriously so many baby graves there though. It hurt my heart.




That ones super hard to read but it was obviously a baby that died during birth since it wasn’t named, just said baby.


The last ones also one of the saddest grave collections. The first two are stillborn babies, the third lived around a week, and the fourth made it nearly a month.

Even though it was a super sad location, especially for someone still rocking the after baby super sensitive hormones, it was a really fun trip and picnic with the family.

I tried to come up with some fun new stuff to do with Al. I thought that maybe coloring in a box would be a good way to get his energy out but mostly I just ended with with super orange legs after a while. He enjoyed it pretty thoroughly though.



And since his cars and trucks were all dirty from playing at the old graveyard I let him do a car wash. It was one of his more favorite things but he kept trying to taste the bubbles which as we all should know is a mistake.



We taped some paper down on the table and let him color with markers after that and that’s around the time I realized I forgot how to draw a frog.



Finn turned two month old, causing me to question my sanity and the flow of time because I’m pretty sure I just brought him home like two weeks ago.


IMG_57161 Month


2 Months

WHAT IS HAPPENING MAKE IT STOP. Time and I are not friends.

Other than that, not much. Just crazy busy all the time. All. The. Time.