Colors and Bridal Veil Falls

May 19th, 2014 by KellyJoe

This weeks lesson was colors again cause I had thought up some fun things that I basically instantly wanted to give a try. We started out with some water beads in a sensory bag. I’ve been trying to think of a good way to play with them that wouldn’t turn into a giant mess that I had to spend forever cleaning up and this seemed like a good way. Unfortunately Al was kind of grumpy so he wasn’t so pleased when he saw me dumping them into a bag and it took him a while to warm up to the idea of playing with them. I thought it would be cool to have them taped up in the window since then it could also be a lesson on sunlight but it wasn’t super great.



We ended up taking them outside and putting them in his swimming pool but they just ended up in the grass and didn’t really get played with, but Finn got to chill out and watch nature and he seemed pretty into that. Al even put a blanket on his lap so his legs wouldn’t get cold.



After that we did a ball pit in the backyard. The pool we originally used for it had met its demise but I kept a hold of the balls since they are stupidly expensive. I think this has been one of his favorite lessons so far.



Finn just enjoying being outside.

The last thing we did for the week was squirt guns, one with red water and one with blue. Al had them empty in less than fifteen minutes and for a little while there Ozzy was some pretty beautiful colors. I’d definitely like to get a canvas and branch that game out into doing actual painting with the squirt guns.




Sunday we were going to go to the zoo just on a whim but then we got such a late start to it that by the time we were about to head up we changed our minds and went back to our very first plan of just going on a hike which I think worked out for the best because Al was overtired and not in the best of moods. We went and hiked bridal veil falls which was unfortunately very packed but still super fun. They put a whole bunch of fish in the pool at the bottom of the falls and you can buy food and feed them now which Al was super excited about. He kept sticking his hands in the water to try to touch the fish and they would actually come up surprisingly close to people. I had a hard time getting a good shot because there were so many people grouped around and Al kept moving everywhere super quick.




He didn’t want me to take their picture by the waterfall.


He was very proud of himself for climbing that hill.


Finn just accepted his fate to be packed about.

It was a super fun hike though I would definitely like to redo it on a day when there aren’t a thousand people there.

That’s all for this week, see you next Monday.

Dinosaurs Rawr

May 12th, 2014 by KellyJoe

So this last weeks lesson was on dinosaurs and I gotta say I’m really digging this lesson thing. We both had a lot of fun doing it for sure and it seems to schedule our day out a lot better so there’s a lot less sighing and wondering what we should do. For the first thing I made Al three dinosaur eggs to “hatch”. I hid them out in the grass in the yard and sent him out with a bottle of vinegar (the eggs were made of baking soda) and had him find and hatch them.


The dinosaurs didn’t quite fit in the eggs. Using smaller ones would have been a much better idea.


(This was before I realized that vinegar killed grass)


Finn hanging out letting his feet rub in the grass.



The second thing we painted dinosaurs while Finn took a nap. Al insisted that I paint one of them as well.



The third thing we made salt dough dinosaur track fossils. Al had more interest in licking it once it was dried than actually painting it or anything and the dogs felt much the same way since I left them on the counter to dry while we went for a walk and when we came back they had eaten 2 out of 3.


Finns just chilling with a dino friend while I make the dough.






We attempted a dinosaur sort where I was trying to get him to sort the dinosaurs by carnivore and herbivore but he was having none of that and wanted to make them fight instead, which is a pretty accurate way to portray dinosaurs so whatever on that game. We read all the dinosaur books we own and Finn got super excited when I read him How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs (or a title similar to that?). He seemed to really like the pictures in it so hopefully I have another kid who gets excited about reading books.

Other than that, there isn’t that much to talk about. Its been a crazy busy week what with weddings and conferences and moving people and looking forward to just relaxing with the kids this weekend and maybe getting some photography or a small hike in, weather permitting. I’m going to try and get our garden in in the next couple days so we don’t miss all of the good spring rain and its kind of weird because normally Ty does 98 percent of the gardening while I only contribute a small amount but this year our roles have seemed to flip so we’ll see how well I do at it. I’m getting to where I like yard work more and more so maybe this year our house won’t be the hillbilly yard house.

That’s all for now, adios.