The Ocean

June 23rd, 2014 by KellyJoe

Hey. So this week we did ocean crafts and Al was pretty big into it since he loves playing in water with his dolphin/whale/shark toys. We started off by making a play aquarium in a jar which was actually kind of rough. First we tried out a pickle jar but as it turned out the lid was all jacked and couldn’t seal properly so we had leaks something fierce. I switched it over to a plastic container but Al ended up dropping it and its bottom cracked so we had to switch to another one after that. Also as it turns out 3 drops of blue coloring is too many drops of coloring so lesson learned there. Still it was fun putting it together and we found cute finding nemo toys at the dollar store so that was a score.


After that we did some simple play dough and sea shell play and let Finn have a container of shells to roll around. I didn’t make regular play dough like normal but tried out the jell-o recipe for it instead. I have to say I am a fan though it would have gone better if I had been patient while making it and let it cool all the way before trying to play with it because it was super sticky and clumping to everything. I ended up cooking it a little more in the microwave and then putting it in the freezer to cool faster and that seemed to fix my problem. I think the thing I like most about it is that it smells super good.




Directly after I let them play in the sink with the whales and shells since the play dough kind of got stuck in a lot of the stuff. This was good because it was a good way for me to model the words in/out (which is something we’re working on for speech therapy currently).


(Don’t worry, I had my hand on Finn the entire time)

Lately Finn has been getting very interested in food when we’re eating it and acting like he’d like some and since he’s getting to where he can sit on his own I decided I’d let him try some watermelon. He LOVED it. This week I plan to try out some actual baby foods with him and I’m hoping this means nursing sessions will finally spread out.


We did more play in the sink but this time I added green spaghetti noodles for an extra bit of fun. The kids were really into it but they only got to play in it for 15 minutes or so before we had to go run an errand. It’s definitely one I would like to do again but maybe even on a larger scale at some point.


Then we tried to make a wave in a bottle. It did not go great. Too much oil, too much food coloring.. it just didn’t come out quite right but the good news is that Al still liked it.


Then the last thing we did was paint some jellyfish for the fridge and I’m not ashamed to say that I was super into this. Instead of painting the normal way, we painted with q-tips instead and it was pretty cool.



Saturday while Al went to lagoon with Ty I got to have an alone day with Finn and I have to say it was really nice just having some one on one time with him since Al does tend to take up a lot of my attention. We just chilled out around the house and were super lazy but it was nice having a laid back cuddle day.

Well, thats everything for this week. Adios.


June 16th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Hello! So this week we learned about bugs and it was probably one of the funner ones because we spent a lot of time outside being all hands on with it.

I had an awesome dollar store find of a small bug terrarium that came with a net and tweezers and Al fell immediately in love with it and carried it around everywhere for a good long while. We started with an easy task of catching snails for it and by the end we had probably around ten snails in the little thing, poor guys!




After that we did bug impressions in play dough. Finn just hung out with his DNA pieces since he’s still kind of small to be playing with the play dough.




Then we broke out the terrarium again after releasing the snails back into the wild for the more elusive and quick rolly polly bug. We had to flip the rocks out front to find ones of decent catching size.


Afterwards while Al napped I took some time to play with just Finn since we’ve mostly been doing activities he hasn’t been able to participate in. He hammed it up for the camera hard.




Last thing we did was take the toy bugs outside and try to paint with them. It did not go well in terms of painting but Al still had fun just smearing paint around the paper. Finn supervised it all.




Really excitingly Al earned himself 50 stickers on his sticker chart so we got to go to the dinosaur museum! He had a blast even though halfway through when you start hearing the dinosaur noises he got kind of freaked out. He took a little convincing to go through that area but once he had spent some time in it he was fine and excited for all the hands on stuff. Finn surprisingly stayed awake basically the whole time and took it all in.








And that was our activities for the week!

Al’s language has really seemed to be making a small explosion this week. He’s been saying hi, bye, please, go, daddy, I think he might be trying to say thanks, and to my extreme shock he even helped me count to 3 one day while we made pudding! It’s been a big change and a huge improvement from just YES! or NO! I really hope this momentum keeps up and he keeps using more words because it is getting so frustrating trying to communicate with him. His potty training is going ok, he’s still having accidents a pretty decent amount but there’s definitely been improvement with it. I think on the next sticker chart we do the prizes will be more spaced out, or I’ve been thinking of switching to a bean jar system where he earns beans not just for going potty but for things like picking up toys, being a generally pleasant 2 year old, being helpful and things like that. I think it could be a good system for him and he definitely responds to a positive attitude about things.

We had our 6 year anniversary this week and that’s a little weird to me. It’s super weird to think that we’ve been together over half a decade already, but also super cool knowing that I can stand someones constant presence for that long as well without poisoning them. Well, thats debatable I guess. I am not a good cook so that could count as some form of weak poison I suppose..

But still, not dead yet and still married. Yay us!

I believe that’s all for this week. Adios!

Vroom Vroom

June 9th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Hey-o. So this week has been kind of up and down. It started off really great and I was getting a bunch of much needed things done around the house, was in a generally good mood, and the kids had a lot of entertainment and junk planned and then my phone cast itself in a fit of sorrow from the table and broke. I have been so freaking careful with that phone and it decided that a small fall from a table was enough to end it all for us so that kind of wrecked up my week. Luckily that is truly the only horrible thing that happened to me besides me taking one step closer to the age of thirty. Though I can’t complain, as far as birthdays go this was actually a really, really good one and I absolutely cannot wait until we get to go see nightvale.

But I digress. This week we did cars! Which was a lot of fun. I’m excited for him to get older so we can do more in depth car learning stuff since I think he would be really interested but we mostly just focused on art this week. Losing everything I had planned on my phone kind of set me back so I had to think up a lot of things on the spot.

We did a pipe race in the backyard where we used leftover pipes from the plumbing to race his cars then he decided to show Finn how big trucks work.





After that we got the most artsy we’ve ever gotten and we painted using his hot wheel cars. I’ve never seen him have so much fun painting ever and I let him pick what colors he wanted where. It actually came out as a pretty cool piece of kids art and is now a resident piece of work on my kitchen wall. I have another canvas but I want to get Finn involved with it so it probably won’t be going up for another few months.



He had to wash his cars after that because they were super dirty and understandably so.


Then I thought I would try something kind of different where I let him “build” a car using paper pieces. He didn’t quite get the gist of it but he had a lot of fun sticking the papers to other things, and when I handed him the paper labeled window he went and stuck it to our front window so I was happy to see him make that connection.



In case you’re wondering why the person is frowning, its because I drew a picture of how I feel in the passenger seat of a car.



We also enjoyed the sunshine and some watermelon because the kid can’t stop eating watermelon.



Finally, I let him color what my brain thought a car might look like. I am not good at drawing cars. Or bears. Or camels.




And that’s it for what the kids were up to this week.

So other than the super awesome nightvale tickets I also went and got three more tattoos with some money I’ve been saving and my piece of advice is if you’re gonna get a tattoo go for behind the ears because (in my experience) it doesn’t hurt at all in the slightest which I did not think would be the case. The worst I can say about it is that the gun buzzing is a little annoying.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Adios.

My Life is a Zoo

June 2nd, 2014 by KellyJoe

Well, I’m two weeks behind but that’s okay. I was super sick with the head cold from hell so this last week we didn’t do anything except mope and hack our lungs up and drink orange juice, but the week before this horrible plague we learned about zoo animals!

First lesson I tested out how badly I’ve become at drawing and drew up some alphabet coloring pages for Al since our printer was broke and I couldn’t print any off.


I only ever got to the letter E because drawing is hard and I can only laugh until I cry over so many badly drawn animals.

Second lesson we took it outside and did a sensory bin for the animals, except Finn who just chilled out on the blanket with a gazelle.




Finn made new friends.


Third lesson we made cages for the animals out of popsicle sticks and play dough, but that turned more into animals violently escaping from their cages to run rampant and beat up other animals.




Around this time Al finally earned ten stickers on his sticker chart and got himself an ice cream! Now that he’s kind of getting the hang of it and realizing that those stickers actually add up to things he’s getting a lot better and hasn’t had as many accidents which is great because I was getting very ready to throw in the towel on this whole potty training thing. He doesn’t do as well when he actually wears underwear as it turns out so we’re still working on that one.


Fourth lesson we did footprint painting with the animals. He was out of his regular paints so made some using flour, salt, water, and food coloring but I think I may have mixed up the amounts that were for paint with the amounts for salt dough so it was a little thick and weird to paint with.



Then the kids finally got to meet their brothers from another mother and I died from so much cute happening!





Finn turned four months old!


And Al got to meet a baby dove for a minute before we released it back into the wild.


At the end of the week for a family trip we went trilobite hunting! It was a lot of fun though I think it will be a lot more fun when Finn is old enough to join in and not strapped to my front preventing me from using the hammer to search. I still managed to find some but probably not as many as I could have found had I been able to really search. Al thought it was super fun to be able to just go and hit rocks with a hammer and didn’t really care so much for finding them yet. Ty being the crazy awesome searcher he is found a ridiculously small one that hopefully we can get cast in resin.




That’s everything to report up until this point. We’re back to doing lessons this week and in the near future I want to a complete overhaul of Khaleesi’s tank and actually make it look nice so I’m looking forward to talking about those. And hopefully-HOPEFULLY- this next week will finally be the week I start to get going to the gym again. Hopefully.

Adios amigos.