Dinosaurs some more.

July 14th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Man, I am tired. Today did not start off well and I definitely need to find a more efficient cleaning system for the house cause this room a day nonsense is just not cutting it. Anyway!

I put together a sensory bag for Finn at the start of the week. Its made of hair gel, food coloring, shells, stones, fake flowers, and a few pom poms. It was a pretty big hit with both kids.




While we were outside playing with that Al got to dig for “fossils” that I had made him the day before. We were able to model the words “look” and “out” as in lets get it out of the dirt in this game really well and he had a lot of fun finding them.



The day after we did some ice play where he got to excavate dinosaurs out of a big block of ice and Finn got to play with colored ice cubes. We apparently need to work more on the word cold because a few days after he was telling us his ice cube was “hot”. THis was another good game for modeling the word “out” though. This has probably been one of the more favorite games.





Al and I made sludge together for his dinosaurs to play in. He had more fun making it than playing in it and I’d have to say Finn had more fun sliding his feet around in it. He had a lot of fun playing in the hose when we washed his feet off too which I thought he would hate since the waters so cold.





We went to Nephi to the parade and to play too but I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I’m a failure. It’s something I need to work on. But the good news is that Al is saying more and more new words! He said potty and blue just yesterday! Unfortunately saying potty wasn’t because he needed to go but because I did but still progress is progress.

And thats all for this week. Adios.

Counting and Trains

July 7th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Hello all. I attempted to break out of the normal theme and aim for actual learning the week before last and we tried learning numbers and counting. It went all right. Al wasn’t so into the games I set up but I did notice him fake counting the other day (making noises that sounded suspiciously close to actual numbers as he stepped on different wood steps at his great grandma’s house) so maybe they made an impact I just didn’t realize at the time.

We tried a game where I wrote numbers up to 5 on cups and we counted the sticks as we put them in. The goal was to put the amount of similarly colored sticks into the cup with that number but mostly it turned into finding sticks of the same color and putting them wherever.



We started Finn on some purees and he is loving them. So far we have tried yams, blueberries, and bananas and its been pretty easy making them. This week I want to try out squash which will be interesting to make I think since it will have to be baked first and then pureed like the yams were.


He also really likes the outdoors.


And bubbles.


We tried a different game involving puff balls, a paper towel tube, and a muffin tin where we counted puffs as the went in and then watched them “pop” everywhere when we lifted the tube. He was pretty into it but not so much into me helping him keep the tube steady.


We tried writing skills as well. I wrote numbers down on a piece of paper and then basically just let him scribble all over the paper while I pointed at numbers and said them because I was feeling pretty burnt out at this point.


We went on a train ride with Grandma and the cousins. It was a lot of fun but about a half hour too long for Al who started throwing a tantrum near the end because he was tired and hungry.







We spent our fourth of July at the great grandparents house where Al thought it was important to water everything. We walked over to the park and Al got to jump in the bounce house and “fish” for prizes at another booth. Finn just hung out being super cute. It was a good time testing out the double stroller in a different area and I really like it for sure though I’m still not entirely convinced it will fit through the gym’s doors when I pick up going again.



I’ve been feeling a little restless lately and like I want to get back to doing photography stuff or fixing the house which is kind of hard with both kids right now. I’m also really craving the gym because I just can’t handle the super ridiculous early mornings I have to do to be able to work out. Though I’m half an inch away from having lost 10 inches since having Finn so that is super cool but its just frustrating thinking I could be doing better exercises instead of being limited to what I can do in my house and jogging (which was made by the devil). Maybe I’m just mopey but I’m kind of ready for changes or creativity to happen. Cutting my hair satisfied me for a hot minute but now I’m just wishing for a spell that would keep my hair this length forever because it is seriously at the perfect point right now and I don’t want it to grow out ever.

Anyway, thats all for now but exciting things are happening this month and we’ll see what things I can come up with. Adios.