Halloween Costumes 2014

October 27th, 2014 by KellyJoe

The pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes are all taken and edited, now I just need to edit their skeleton outfit pictures and Finns 9 month pictures and I’m set on the October pictures for the month. I’m going to start doing photography challenges today to help me improve and get me trying more picture styles than I’m used to so that should be fun. Anyway, on to cuteness.











DSC_0155 copy










The biggest problem I have with doing pictures of the kids is getting them both in focus, looking at the camera, and having a happy look on their face. If ones not distracted the other is and if both of them are looking and happy then I’m not paying close enough attention to either the lighting or focus and I botch the picture. So I need to get more practice, practice, practice. I’ll probably do a second post this week to put up the other October pictures before November hits, and can we talk about how November is here already?? It’s a bunch of dirt balls is what it is.

Road Trippin and Pumpkin Carving

October 20th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Good morning. As I write this to you it is a hair past six in the morning and I just poured hot water directly onto my coffee grounds instead of through the filter so I hope you’ll forgive me of any grammatical mistakes I may make. I’m not exactly killing it at this early morning thing which is depressing since early mornings are the only way I ever get anything done. Honestly I meant to be up earlier than this but baby snuggles are hard to get out of.

Its been a bit since we made play dough so I tested out a new recipe with Al. Its pumpkin spice scented and we picked up some whole coffee beans to roll around in it. I think the whole coffee beans are the downfall with Al since they keep him from rolling it out flat. Its a recipe I like but hes not so big into.


Then there was that day that I skipped out on responsibility to reconnect with the kids. My luck has been rotten lately though and things haven’t gone according to plan. Instead of going and eating a tasty treat at the playground we ended up looking everywhere for the debit card that fell out of my pocket on the way to the store. Up until that horrible stomach lurching discovery though we had a lot of fun walking together and playing and I got some really cute pictures of the kids.



We hiked the Nebo loop though I would say we hiked it a little prematurely this year. The leaves weren’t very changed when we went. Al still had fun. He had a horny toad for each pocket in his shirt-so two-and when he had to let them go he made sure to give them kisses first (gag).





Then came the longest drive to Arizona anyone’s probably ever done. It wasn’t bad though, we still had fun and got to see a lot of cool things even if Al did decide a couple times to find himself a new family.




This is about how breaks go.





He was very proud, he got up there by himself.




Virtually all of the pictures from the trip are on Ty’s big camera and therefore not on my computer but trust me when I say there are A LOT of them, and a good chunk of them are pictures of the Grand Canyon.

Al’s speech therapy had a little Halloween party where they did crafts with the kids and taught them how to trick r treat. It was super cute and fun, and surprisingly Al even tried to say trick r treat. His talking has come a long way in the last little while and he’s even now starting to repeat things back to me or try to give me answers beyond ‘yes’ and ‘no’. We decorated a pumpkin while there and gave an older lady a heart attack because I let him use the saw on his own (it was dull). I’m disappointed they didn’t have their costumes then because a lot of the kids were dressed up. There was a little girl with a totoro costume that was FREAKING AWESOME. I feel like I need to track it down. She also had shark boots which I also need to track down something fierce.





I feel like we need to go to more of these events because both the kids and I had fun and I got to meet another mom which who shared my exact feelings on Matt Smiths portrayal of the doctor on Doctor Who which I have found to be rare in most fans. It was refreshing meeting someone with my sentiments.

For those in the know, Lacy is in fact doing better. I didn’t give her her pain pill yesterday because she was acting fine and I wanted to see if it was the pill or her and it turned out to be her. She’s running, getting on furniture, and playing like normal so I guess whatever was wrong with her is over. SO GLAD WE SPENT EIGHTY DOLLARS ON HER AT THE VET SO GLAD. But really at least we know she doesn’t have blown out knees or cancer or something, that’s the bright side of things on that front since this is the age where things start going seriously down hill for dogs.

I have had turd luck on the camera front though (and dishwasher but I don’t want to get into that or even think about it right now, screw dishes). The big camera is acting up and I’m unable to move the focus point on it. It was saying ERR and not taking pictures always but we seem to have that part fixed. I can still do pictures but just not as easily as with auto focus working. I’m gonna run it in today and get a quote/ask about fixing it. Hopefully the problem can be resolved by the weekend since that’s when I need to do Finn’s 9 month pictures. I don’t understand how we’re to this point in time already but here we are and I am all tears and sadness. It’s hard realizing that in 3 months time the child who I consider to be my last will no longer be a baby. I have a lot of very overwhelming feelings about it and all of them lead to me flipping through scrapbooks and crying as my kids turn 18, pack up, and leave. EMOTIONS. Then I’ll have to go back to watching Scooby Doo movies by myself. In my late 30’s. That doesn’t sound like something that should be happening. Or it should be all of the happening. Who knows.

Anyway, its quarter to seven now and I have about a million errands to run and all on foot in opposite directions. My goal for today is to not embarrass myself in the gym. It’s a difficult goal to meet but as long as a stair climber doesn’t try to kill me and absorb my chubby soul then I should be good. I can deal with the fact I’m probably the weakest person up there. Then its grocery shopping, lunch, Al’s nap, library, camera repair place, dinner, bath, bed and somewhere in there cleaning. And maybe more of this Scooby Doo musical movie because oh my gosh musical scooby doo and singing vampires and yes. I wish I could squeeze my boyfriend, Skyrim, in there somewhere but it probably isn’t feasible today.

Anyway, stay out of trouble people and as always watch the skies.