Photo challenge 16-22

November 24th, 2014 by KellyJoe

16. In the cupboard



I love that little crab. <3

17. Pattern



Camo pattern. These were some of the cutest pictures I’ve taken!

18. Flower


No one explained to the person that made this list that unless I’m going to go out and buy flowers there are no flowers in the middle of November in Utah. So weeds will have to do.

19. In your Bag


In my bag there’s toys and diapers galore!

20. Close up



21. Recipe21.Recipe

This was one I had to snap fast cause we were heading out. I don’t like it but whatever. I didn’t put a lot of effort into it at all.

22. Thankful



Obviously I’m thankful for my two fun loving, swinging, handsome boys. <3

We did a game! We worked on mixing colors and practicing the words ‘push’ and ‘pull’ with a giant syringe. Al loved it but eventually ditched the syringe to just dump them into each other. He did surprisingly good not spilling everywhere. Finn just chilled out and played with a jar full of fruity pebbles. He thought it was pretty neat.



Then Finn got to experience the sandbox for the first time. He was super into it and surprisingly didn’t try to eat anything.



And then Al got to go bowling for the first time. He loved it, but didn’t love taking turns. He’s also super into arcade games.



And that’s all for this week. I’ve just been busy cleaning and trying to get us organized and put together for the new year which is way too fast approaching. I’ve got some stuff loosely planned for the next week but I’m so scattered brain and trying to keep up with everything that it will probably slip my mind.

So far Tabitha the dragon is doing well though, I’ll keep updating on her and her living situation since she is currently staying right in the middle of my living room which I desperately need/want to change.

And there was snow this morning so boo winter is upon us. I hate it so much.

Photo Challenge 10-15

November 17th, 2014 by KellyJoe

Lets just hop into this.

10. I Do This Every Day


This is the view I get to see every day on walk.

11. Remember


I had a bit of difficulty figuring this one out so I decided to have Al hold up my favorite out of his preemie outfits. I’m not ecstatic about the shot, but its still cute.

I took some pictures at the aquarium which I thought were pretty cool, mostly the otter because otters are adorable and this one was eating a carrot!





12. Jewellry


Again, not ecstatic about the shot over all. I wish the necklace was a little more in focus but eh, whatever. This is a cute picture of Finn.

13. Brown



I need to work on my indoor photography quite a bit. Also I’m going to edit that second picture better, but I’m looking to get help to do it. I’m not quite skilled enough in photoshop.

14. I Made This


I made myself an afternoon cup of coffee because I could not cope. I liked the steam coming off of it though I did not get as great a picture as I had hoped of it. That coffee got me through the day though, even if this is the laziest picture ever. It was almost a picture of a grilled cheese though so this is a little better.

15. Your Name Starts With


K. I tried to get the K into focus mostly. I also got pictures around while we were out and it was snowing because everything looked pretty.



Silent hill, is that you? Just kidding, that’s snow.



I wish I could have gotten a closer picture of all these cutey quail but they didn’t want me near them.

I also got some super cute pictures of the boys while we were out playing which is like a MIRACLE. I can never get good pictures of them together.




We even got sensory play in like some not lazy people this week. Granted it was because we had leftover paint from pumpkin painting but it still counts. IT STILL COUNTS.




We did playdough play too (just Al, Finn’s an eater) but that’s not super exciting.

Unlike Al, Finn was totally cool with the first snow fall of the year. Al is UNHAPPY. This morning I asked him if we should just stay in the house all winter and he told me yes. Poor thing doesn’t like the cold and I don’t know how to break it to him that we live in Utah so that is very unfortunate for him. I got him to go for a short walk in the first snowfall but he really, really just hates the cold.



They do both agree that leaf piles are the best though.




Thats about all thats going on with us currently. Finn’s two top teeth popped through finally though but he’s still grouchy to the max. I think the weather is kind of getting to us all since it was such a fast change. I hope we can get to the aquarium more, just being in the rainforsty area really helped make me feel better and Al was way into going across the rope bridge on his own this last time.

Anyway, it is after 10 and I am sleepy. Adios.

Photo Challenge Days 1-9

November 10th, 2014 by KellyJoe

I haven’t got any fun kid stuff for this last week but I have got this weeks photo challenge pictures. Not a lot of them are great, or even good but hey its a learning experience.

1. Sky


The sky was pretty drab and grey for a lot of the day but it got really pretty at sunset thankfully because I am not excited about that grey sky picture for sure.


2. What I wore


I wasn’t quite up to the challenge of taking a full body picture of myself yet so I opted out for a artsy one of my comfy socks and boots. Those are literally my favorite socks.

3. Self Portrait


This is the one I had been dreading the most because its pretty simple taking photo of things, not so much taking photos of myself that come out with me not looking like a sea-witch. I decided to just go ahead and embrace the hobo side of myself and look really, really old. Because that is how I feel. Always.

4. Fun


The thing about ‘fun’ is its something with a pretty broad spectrum of things you can do which is great. I thought this was a pretty fun shot of some grapes I took hanging down from a tree. Actually I just thought it looked neat but whatever. Ultimately Al playing in the dirt was a shot that won me over though.


5. 5 o’clock


Another pretty easy one. These pictures weren’t at EXACTLY five o’clock but you can’t control me with your idea of time. We went for a walk with a friend.


6. Something New


I definitely struggled with this one because the only new thing in our lives is the lack of real employment. I went with the morning sun through a tree because I’m super creative and artsy.

7. Favorite Color


This one was literally my biggest struggle. What the heck do you do when you don’t actually have a favorite color?! And it didn’t help that nothing I really saw around caught my eye like ‘oh my look at that color!’ so I went with random shots of colorful things I kinda liked. Except that grasshopper. He was just there.





8. Outside my Window


Not my favorite shot. I did it too early in the morning and meant to go back in the afternoon to get a better one but then I ended sleeping the afternoon away trying to keep a sinus cold at bay. Good news is I managed to not get horribly sick!

9. Technology


This top shot is my favorite. Thankfully Tia gave me the idea of doing my old systems because Tia is a beautiful brain trapped inside an even more beautiful body. I said it.




All of old systems could use a good dusting.

And thats the nine days of this photo challenge I have completed so far. It feels weird to not have something to say about the kids. This last week I’ve felt stuck in a rut that I need to break out of. I don’t like being busy. Or stressed. But I do like the gym. Except while I’m there, then I hate it. But I am going to get my crap together and get more things done and be a people. A people who doesn’t need coffee in the afternoon to make it through the day, that’s my aspiration for this week.

Finn 9 Months and Photo Challenge Start

November 3rd, 2014 by KellyJoe

Yo. Well, I finally got the boys’ skeleton pictures done. I’m not ecstatic about them, its a struggle to get the kids in pictures together as I’m sure I’ve mentioned A BILLION times. Al’s hair was refusing to cooperate too and I keep asking him if he wants me to cut it but he keeps saying no so not much to be done about that I suppose.













The last ones my favorite.

I got Finn’s 9 month pictures done too and they came out really cute in my opinion. I can’t even believe this kid is 9 months, its insane. He just feels like he’s getting bigger and bigger in not much time at all. Excuse me while I cry.





I don’t really like this one all that much. There was some weird lighting stuff going on that I thought I could improve with black and white but not so much.








This ones my favorite!









I mixed up some flour paint so Finn could paint a pumpkin. Unfortunately he wasn’t so much into painting pumpkins as he was into trying to eat the paint so I guess its a good thing I made the food based kind instead of buying acrylic or something that would definitely kill him. The weather stayed nice until after Halloween so it wasn’t a big deal. Al was the one who was into painting them this year. That kids been pretty artistic lately (he made quite the ghost that I don’t have a picture of) and I think I need to find more stuff for him to paint/draw.




I apparently don’t have a picture of the finished pumpkins. I’m pretty sure I took a picture of them but my camera did something weird and deleted some of my pictures when I was trying to upload. I reformatted the card so hopefully that fixes whatever issues its having. I might have a picture on my phone if I wasn’t being a complete dink. Anyway, we carved pumpkins too! Al had a big one he wanted to carve but him carving it was more like him telling me what to do while I carved. He was going to help me hold the pumpkin saw but he didn’t like the slimy feeling of my hands from the guts. Finn was down with playing with pumpkin pieces though.



The finished product pictures are on my phone and facebook. I wasn’t super great getting pictures of the kids trick-r-treating as it turns out. We started at the mall because I thought that could be fun but then it was a lot like glorified trunk-r-treating which is lame and I refuse to do. So we skipped out on that after like twenty minutes and decided to go around the neighborhood instead. Our street was pretty good in the way of actually answering the door but along the big main street hardly anyone was around. It was disappointing for me but Al had a good time at least.





I’ve been super sucky at taking just regular pictures lately and I need to get better about it but luckily I do have actually trick-r-treating pictures on my phone now.

I’ve started to do a daily photo challenge to help me out on learning stuff and to kind of break me out of my comfort zone since I mainly only shoot the kids outside in weather I think I’ll like.


Challenge: black and white. I had to take this one fast in a pretty dim room which made me not really think of the angle. Its not a good angle (even though he’s still cute).


Challenge: hands. Not too happy with this one either. The colors are all weird.


Challenge: Someone you love. I am at least happy with this one. I thought it came out pretty cute.


Challenge: Your breakfast. I had to turn this one black and white because the yellow in my kitchen makes for weird pictures.

Honestly I feel weird taking all these ‘artsy’ photos but I know I need the practice and just looking at these I can tell that I definitely have room to improve and if breaking out of my comfort zone and taking weird pictures does that then so be it.

There’s a lot more I could talk about, but also a lot I don’t feel like talking about and I kind of think I’m just going to leave it alone. We’ve got a lot of big changes ahead of us and the holidays are always an interesting thing, we’ll just have to see what happens with them this year. Right now I’m an hour deep into being awake (hey screw you time change) and I need something with a bunch of caffeine in it to get me through today. Adios.