Graffiti and Junk

May 12th, 2015 by KellyJoe


You can’t really read the paper but the adventure was to make pom poms. We made them out of tulle and it was a lot of fun except at the end when everyone got grouchy and nobody wanted to do pictures unless candy was also involved, which is what’s going on with Finn’s face. Regardless of that I still at least got one picture where the kids look somewhat happy.


The next adventure after that was shaving cream play which was the best play. Both kids were super into it and it kept them busy and happy for a long time, though Finn did learn the hard way that he couldn’t rub his face or eyes. DSC_5928


Look at that expression of pure joy!



I just really liked these mushrooms. They were neat and Al agreed.


Enough to pick one.


And then we found some cool graffiti.








And that’s all for the last week (two weeks?). I almost need to start doing photo challenges again because I’m definitely not doing as much stuff as I was before but at the same time I feel like it’s freed up some time and stress for me and I always feel like I’m scrabbling to get projects I’m already working on done and get enough time in with the kids during the day. I just feel like I’m always busy and sometimes it’s nice but sometimes it kind of sucks. I just want to do all the things and have enough time to do them in ok thanks and also some money would be nice too.

I think I’m just getting bitter because it’s almost my birthday and I don’t like it. I’m on the downhill slope now. Pretty soon I’ll be funeral home shopping.