July 12th, 2015 by KellyJoe

Heyyy-o. So I really cannot even think so I’m mostly here to drop a bunch of pictures and run after claiming to have made a real post in my blog. So for those of you who enjoy seeing my kids, this ones for you.


The kids showcased my rainbow flag I made. They were not as cooperative as I had hoped they would be.



And it was stinking hot so by the time we were winding down Al was getting sweaty, as you can see by his hair.


Al got to spend a few nights in the tent out back, one of his favorite things. Finn wasn’t too cooperative on the sleeping outside thing so he had to stay indoors with me.



For the fourth of July we went out fishing at a pond where I got uncomfortably close to a hissing goose. No catches but I thought it was fun, and the kids did too so I guess that’s what matters.



And while I’m still feeling all the feels about Finn’s hair getting cut, I have to admit its nice being able to see his face in pictures now even if he does look like an entirely different kid than before. I think he looks more like Al now too.




So there you go. I’ve mostly been taking pictures on my phone lately but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been doing as good with my big camera so I’m planning on doing another photo challenge soon and trying to get out a lot more with it. Also I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a slump again these last couple weeks. I’ve been glutened quite a few times so I think its been the constant up and down of that that’s been getting to me. Hoping I can pull it together for the last few weeks of summer and do more fun things.

Anyway, more to come.