First Day of Preschool 2015

August 31st, 2015 by KellyJoe

I took the kids to the woods with their packs on but this was the only really good picture that came out of that. It was dark and I kept having to mess with settings so I didn’t end up with a lot of good ones, but mostly just slightly blurry ones.


Al had his first day of preschool for the year today and while it wasn’t as hard as last year when he started I was still pretty upset, plus he didn’t want us to leave him behind which made it even harder! But he came home and was talking positively about his teacher and his day so that was nice and I hope it gets a little easier on him on Wednesday. Finn felt like he had to take pictures with his brother, obviously he couldn’t be left out!


I can’t believe how old my baby is getting, time isn’t fair! -sobs-



August 16th, 2015 by KellyJoe

Hey, it’s been a while. Whooooops. We’ve been busy with lots of summer things, and the vacation which I don’t have any more pictures of to share since I put them all up on facebook. BUT! We’re finally getting back into the swing of things and I’m here now to share a bunch of cutie pictures of the boys. I really need to do a photo challenge again. I can feel myself getting rusty and it’s no bueno.

We got back into doing random activities, this time we made bracelets or a better way to say it would be ‘I made bracelets after the kids lost interest in five minutes and wanted to just spill the beads everywhere’. Somewhere around here though the kids have bracelets with their names though and it’s cute when they wear them!





Then I took the boys out in some of their new clothes for school (for Al at least) and got some nice pictures of them before the summer time could end, not that it feels like it’s going to any time soon with all this heat but you know. Might as well get pictures and practice taking pictures of multiple kids who do not want to touch each other or be near each other for more than .001 second.












Now if taking pictures of them wasn’t the MOST FRUSTRATING THING EVER because holy crap do they photograph well. Anyway, more to come as always but as always it might also take a while. See ya.