Christmas and Pictures Round 2

January 11th, 2016 by KellyJoe

I’m falling behind. Again. Always. It’s what I do. I’m still fighting the winter burn out though so I’m going to just ride that excuse until I get to the spring and can come up with a different excuse for why I can never keep up with this thing. That and we just haven’t been doing as much lately that I take pictures of with a camera. But we had Christmas and that went well. The boys are now loaded down with toys and I have yet to reorganize my house to fit everything but maybe by next winter I’ll have everything in it’s place just in time to be disrupted again.



I wasn’t happy with the amount of pictures I got of Al on his birthday so I attempted to take them again. I’m still not happy. He decided to be difficult. He wouldn’t look at the camera and every time I told him to smile he made this face that just looked like he was in pain or something. These aren’t even the most ridiculous of the bunch but I couldn’t handle editing all of them. At least I got some neat puddle jumping pictures. DSC_8899








Hopefully Finn will be better for his pictures in a couple weeks. I’ll be glad when all of the birthdays and everything are over cause I am so stinking tired feeling from this dismal weather. I’m ready for some warm days again!

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