Nappy Time Update

September 4th, 2012 by KellyJoe

Well, Al is down for his nap and I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t written anything in a while so here I am. First off, Al is doing great. He’s starting to stand up on his own and is getting more and more brave with it. Its awesome but scary at the same time which this is a sign he may be walking soon and as we all know, walking turns to running. Thinking I had better get out and get my jog on so I can keep up with him.

Another thing, I’ve decided to stop fighting my hippy side and give in to cloth diapering, partially because I love the planet but mostly because I think they are cute, so I’m figuring everything I need for that out today. I’m really excited to do it since I think it will save us quite a bit in diapers with Al and definitely with possible baby #2.

Al’s starting to get better about being separated from me. He went to daycare today and didn’t cry at all even when I went to pick him up which was super nice. I hope we can have more days like that.

I felt like I had a lot more to write when I came in here but obviously not. I’ll leave you with a picture and another update later this month. Until then.

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