So many rainbows.

September 21st, 2015 by KellyJoe

Holy jeez, I am not on top of things. Ah well.

First, I finished rainbow blanket #1 and I wanted to give it a good send off which obviously meant it got to have its picture taken with my turd kids. Al and Finn seem to have flipped roles where it’s a lot easier to get pictures of Finn than it is to get ones of Al now. Way too much movement and junk happening.



Good ol’ tiny satan.


I’m working on taking pictures more often as well so I took the camera with me to the Provo pride festival. I was there super early so there wasn’t a ton to be seen and by the time things were beginning to pick up the kids had already had enough with being out for the day so we headed back. It looked like fun though, I’m hoping next year I can enjoy it for longer.




Finn’s just ruggedly handsome and supports the rainbow.


And Al just likes suckers. You know how he rolls.


And this is short because I have not much to talk about beyond working super ridiculous hard on Finn’s Halloween costume and doing all the cleaning and feeling all the tired.

But this week-THIS WEEK-is the week I’m going to have it all. The clean home! The played with and not seeking attention children! The hobbies hobbied! All the things! I can have it all!

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